Please let us run while looking at inventory , Please

Dear Santa/J. B. Engineering team, for this christmas I am not asking for much. I have been a real good boy and I would love if i could autorun and look at my inventory, I see no need to make us stop to look and manage it from point to point.


This would be awesome… especially being able to run in PVP and to switch to your main weapons… when a person start to attack you and youre leveling up other weapons…


Omg yes! I was so surprised this was not a thing, but surely they will add this.


This is precisely what they don’t want you to do. To be able to run and switch gear. And I agree, it’s annoying, but understandable.


it is not emersive some people say. mini map aint emersive either. but swinging axe, sword, hammer without wasting dex is very emersive.

I think it would break PvP, if you can switch out your gear while running away, but I want a change for inventory management aswell.
Let us autorun whilst looking at the inventory, but maybe slow the player down during it?

Where did I put my ammo again?
A yes, of course, its in my invisible bag I can only access while standing still, where it has a weight that strangely is reduced to zero once I intend to use it instead of carrying it around.

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you cant switch weapons IF you have your abilities on cool down… so no need to also implement stopping to change weapons

you could just run though and when the cd’s do hit 0 insta change while on the move…
heavy -1 you need to stop to change armor, and weapons.

Hell yes and vile we are harvesting/mining/logging (and properly fishing, I am not doing fishing)

Sounds to me like that’s a you not equipping it beforehand problem.

Yes, I agree

but can you do dat in real life? swing a pickaxe and do smth in your bag? not emersive.

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why would you have pvp on when you level a new weapon?

I can see why it is this way from a PVP context, but for PVE its simply annoying.
Also the weight change makes no sense.
Sounds to me like its a QoL problem.

yeah that’s annoying but necessary for the game i think

the reason this is not a thing, is becouse of PVP.
if you could open your inventory, and switch things around, while running, that would be to op in pvp, why only have 4 slots for consumeples, when you can have endless, just by open your inventory.

Yes it is frustation, but heck that just the game

They won’t change anyway. You should only have the option to switch to 2 weapons in PvP. If the inventory can be opened while running, you could play several weapons in the same fight. Definitely not to be expected.

from the inventory, all the healpotion food … are used instantly without animation

Thats actually a non-issue, since they already have a combat flag feature implemented, they can just make it so you cant change gear while flagged.