Please look at jewel crafting. It's miserable to level

I thought the purpose of the crafting patch was to discourage spamming low level crafts to level? Yet, with JC that’s still the best way to level. Spamming T3 crafts is far cheaper than any other method. I’ve sunk thousands of gems into this and I’m only 180. Nothing I craft is worth anything because failed T5 crafts with bad RNG are still better than a T3 JC piece. Nothing about this grind is rewarding.

Make gemstone dust

It’s currently cheaper to craft t3 up to 200. I’d need 16k flawed gems to get up to 200, which is well over 20k gold on my server

20k gold is cheap to level it up.

Try dust, plus farm the gems yourself. Takes a while but is doable. And silver is easy to find and cheap too, so crafting brilliant amulets isn’t that bad.

Just finished mine last night to 200. Now crafting 575-600, but only 2 every three days due to asmo timers.

Everything is doable with enough time…I think that defeats the purpose of the update. Encouraging us to level by crafting higher tier things has somehow turned into us farming low level gems for the lowest tier of dust?

I think you are upping only jewelcrafting ontherwhise you would understand that other professions are not better.

I already spent over 30k gold for furnitures crafting.

I was lvl 6, now I am 184.

Time and coin sink

Wait until you are 200 and you need to figure out how to make the 120000 coin for 3 major crafting trophies for armoring. Then the 5 piece crating set which varies a lot based on craft. Then the legendary mats to attept just one combine. Food!

You will only craft around 540 without the above.

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