Please make a mini war- game mode

People won’t get slotted into war unless they know what they are doing, by that standard, you need to watch alot of VoD review. Now the thing is even if you get good at duel, beat multiple top players in your server, always top 3 in opr. The chance of you ever getting slotted to war is very slim BECAUSE yOu LaCk experience, yOu HaVe nO CoNnEcTion, and not only that. The argument with some of the dumbaXXses are saying sht like “war sense” dude, what kind of sense are you getting if you never ever played the game.

It literally the same thing about applying job, degree it just 4fun, they want you to have work experience more than anything else… but you will never get the experience if you never get the chance to play. This is full of contradiction for what you made, ags.

They’ve already talked about making wars a game mode instead of an event tied to territories. I’m guessing the first step was making them instanced.



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