Please make CAMP build in PVP destructible

With an indestructible camp, it doesn’t make sense to open world PVP and do PVP quests in cities. In open world pvp you kill 20 people and they are back in 5 seconds. it’s not fun and for those who are trying to increase their influence in the city, it’s starting to be boring to kill an hour of the same people around without reward or the possibility of passing quests in the city.


True +1


The fact that camps are not destructible PvP objects, is questionable at best.


If you place a camp when pve flagged it should be indestructible.

If you place a camp while PvP flagged it should be destructible with some kinda subtle visual indicator showing that it is.





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Territory influence pushing is the single most boring end game content and i cant wait for it to be over when i start it. But neccessary for war which is the best part of it all.

By fighting the same group over and over it lengthens this laborious task. Taking down their camp delays them enough to continue.

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Can you imagine if it were a dynamic event triggered by doing 1/4 of the missions it currently takes? So you could trigger the event and never know exactly what would happen? Perhaps during the enemy siege window?


They should be destructible when PvP flagged.
They should have a decent sized health pool so you can’t just instantly destroy them.
Or make it so that they can only be destroyed with fire.
Also the person who made the tent should get a notification that his tent is being destroyed.

They shouldnt even be allowed in unfriendly territories if your pvp flagged.

Things to consider:

Currently camps can be used by anyone.
Abuse potential, someone sets up pve camp, which is now used by flagged players-which means destructible camps are useless.
Abuse potential all camps are destructible. Griefing tents becomes a thing for all players, preventing other players from achieving goals because they die to a mob they are trying to kill.


Remember not all players flag to just pvp run influence and wars. Some are pvp flagged to do the mobs/chests/resources and are willing to fight for that as well.
That includes a group doing corrupted portals, which range through all the territories. Taking new level 60s on a corrupted portal run of 66, a tent becomes needed for ease of play.

Camp is not issue. Repair costs are. Since you can make camp destructible and i will stop enemy from spawning untill they place new camp. But. But it wont fix issue with farming where you can kill other player and he will come back again and again for you whole farm buff timer.

With cheap travel cost issue we all have now is repair cost. Imho we need to increase repair cose in case player dies again and again. Simple version would be:

+20% repair cost if player did die in last 10-15min to another player. And this “debug” stayd 1h and timer is refreshed each time player dies.

Thats fine and all but your choosing to flag for pvp. Theres consequences to that choice. PvEers abusing pvp flag for luck is another underlying issue. The purpose of the flag is enable pvp. With being able to revive at shrines now tents are obsolete and dying flagged, being able to jump right in, deprives death of its sting.

actually if its going to be too hard to make it destructible an alterative is to just make it like non stop deaths more punishing. more respawns on that camp = longer cool downs till people start staying alive.

50-60 second to respawns is basically a destroyed camp.

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Yea, I agree. Make camps destructible!

Yeah that would work too.

No thanks. I think I’ll pass on giving the ability for griefing egotistical children to rip up my camp. You people already get enough by being handed defenseless gathers with the idiotic pvp flag bonus.