Please make Easy Anticheat more powerful

Hi guys and devs, I was wondering maybe you should constantly upgrade Easy Anticheat for the game, just in case new cheats and hacks come about.

I suspect some players might be cheating in Outpost rush matches, but I cannot prove it myself.

Just think about it.

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A lot of pleople including myself is asking for a better anticheat system.
It’s s shame that this issue is not addressed by the team to the forums. It’s important.

I imagine some legal work / contracts have to be worked out with anti cheat companies first. Can’t imagine that is something that can happen overnight but yea it needs to be looked at

I don’t care if it is easy anticheat or other system. What it is important is that it works.
And nowadays it doesn’t. A few weeks ago my server (Devaloka) had 4 people cheating with aimbot constantly opr after opr in the same party. That is not acceptable.

The only thing EAC counters is your CPU.