Please make Forts matter

Please make the area around Forts forced-pvp with a timer, so people can exit safely if they don’t want to pvp.
Add strong NPCs defending:

  • A guard requires group of 3
  • A captain requires full group
  • General is a mini-boss requiring ~3 full groups

Add repairable doors you have to smash down and people from the faction can repair with refined wood.
These defenses could be upgraded with town projects, starting from 1 general + 1 capt + 3 guards + green wood door, up to 1 general + 3 capt + 12 guards + iron wood door

Make taking the fort matter, losing it should have tangible consequences on the territory bonuses. Also make so that you must use a table in the General room to declare war (after defeating the general), and you only have 24 hours to do it after a territory is put in conflict.

Of course, if you conquer it, the guards will respawn friendly to your faction, at the same level of the guards in your territory fort if you own one, or the base level otherwise.

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Forts do matter.

They matter for war.

They matter for the 20% bonus to war score gain to declare war.

That is all the matter they should matter.

you can do it without ever caring about the Fort, that’s what happens most of the times on the two servers I’m playing. People don’t care to attack or defend the Fort, if not as a distraction tactic. And even a small group can take it, everyone can enter… it really doesn’t matter at all.

You can do it without caring about the fort… unless they are running against you at the same time. In which case it’s’ about which side has the better pvpers at the fort and running the missions.

Largely though… it doesn’t matter that much because if you hold less territory you get a bigger bonus than the fort gives. If you hold more territory… holding the fort just makes the war score gains even.

Which I think makes it perfect.

TBH… stopping a war declaration will never be worth it. Better to let them declare and get the gold/exp/azoth for kicking their ass 50v50.

I feel like those worried about war dec scores worry about it because they suck at the 50v50.

What is perfect in not requiring any effort at all to conquest it? My solution would add more PVP content without ruining anyone’s PVE (I love both), and also provides time between wars, that currently just happen without control. You can control that time by how well you repair, reinforce and defend the fort.

Just don’t reinforce/defend the fort, and you’ll get that war to kick their asses, but it’s your choice instead of being forced by the game.

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