PLEASE make group members nameplates always be visible

Trying to use any single target heals in wars or large scale open world battles is extremely frustrating and actually impossible due to the fact that I never know where my group members are. Usually the group member that is closest to your crosshairs will be auto-targeted by abilities such as Lights Embrace. However, when your groups nameplates dissappear and they are lost in a SEA of people, SO much time is wasted scrolling through names, and usually, you only discover that the person you want to heal is out of range anyways. Healing is already the most frustrating role in New World. For the love of God, please make my group members more visible and ALWAYS visible. Thanks.


+1, Even as not a healer but dps and even in small PvP like outpost reach its frustrating to don’t know where is your mate everytime…

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Yeah nameplates need to be toggleable

  • Enemies: Toggle On
  • Group mates: Toggle On
  • Everyone else: OFF

This would be really nice. The nameplate visibility and customizations need some tlc.

Do not want. As ranged DPS i can’t see enemy character models behind a pile of nameplates. Literally can’t see the body I’m trying to shoot, let alone the head for headshots.

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This would also cover up some of the shortcomings with the compass with regards to tracking your groupmates.

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Eh I guess, but it’s severely needed as a healer. Having an option to toggle nameplates on or off would be a solution, as suggested above.

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