Please make unlimited storage while auction is closed! How hard can it be

Increase storage, now i have played 2 days with full storage, full backpack. The game is basically unplayable without having room for more storage. No point doing anything!

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Why are you still playing a game where nothing works? Take the hint.

Honestly, just log off until they finish their fixes.
Cheaters and exploiters have screwed up this game from day 1.
This won’t be the last time they have to take things offline to fix.

plz give me 1 mil gold and set all my trading skills to 200 while aunction is closed! /s

I can’t imagine that you filled ALL storages from each town.
But if … you have another big problem:-D

Dude its easy to fill a storage. Just 1 hour of grind and it is a full storage in one place

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