Please Make "Warding" Perks Generic

As is, bare minimum, you need 6 sets of basic gear If you like doing everything. One to tank, one to dps, one to heal, one to craft, one to gather, and one to PvP.

That’s bare minimum. If you want to run higher mutations you need those first 3 sets x the number of affixes to cover each type. That is INSANE. As for gathering and crafting then you also need to multiply the number of sets you need x every single profession (but that’s a different topic).

Load-outs are coming, but the gear bloat is out of control. This will help alleviate A LOT of it. And homogenizing some perks already has precedent (see abundant ammo).

Now we are seeing dungeons with multiple damage types in them. The Ennead and BNB. It’s unwieldy and awkward to grind a mutation to a halt to switch gear sets for different wards if you are looking to be as efficient as possible and have a clean, minimally stressful expedition run.

Please, PLEASE consider making all “Warding” perks generic “Monster Warding” for damage reduction.

I don’t think adding a new perk to do this will help, as if it isn’t as effective at facilitating higher mutation runs as specific warding gear then it would defeat the point and just add ANOTHER set of gear to keep.


This is the reason I won’t tank or heal. I already have 6 gearsets for DPS. I don’t want 6 more for another role.


I love tanking. Holy crap the dungeons are so much fun. I also love taking new players into these dungeons and showing them a good time, teaching mechanics, and making this stuff more accessible for those who might be nervous to pug.

But my lord, I am NOT thrilled to collect gear for mutations. I run Gen about 3 times each night for gear, tokens, gold, expertise (almost everything except 3 weapons are 600).

This is a crucial quality of life change that PvE players need.

New players are coming. Old players are returning. NO ONE is going to excited to hoard gear. It’s not practical and it isn’t in line with healthy gameplay loops And habits. It also slows down the pace of the dungeons themselves to stop and change clothes.


I agree, not to mention the rediculous gold cost to have a ward set for every single expedition, lost/ancient/corrupted/angry earth…depending on which week the mutations are, for example, the new ennead requires both ancient and corrupted wards similar to Barnacles and Black Powder’s Lost/Ancient. Ancient Wards atleast on my server are reaching levels of around 70k gold…it’s getting rediculous, as well as barely any items with ancient ward perk itself.


Its an interesting idea. Not sure yet how I feel about it or what other impacts it might have on the game, but its something worth thinking about more. :thinking:


You only have 6 gearsets for DPS!? What about the different stat/weapon/weight combos? lol :smile:

I agree and disagree with the OP. Yes, it’s annoying and the gear management is abysmal. At the same time, the complexity of collecting the different sets is part of the gameplay and could be quite enjoyable if we had an easy way to organise the sets we put together.

I’m not a huge fan of dumbing games down, I still remember everyone crying about not being able to be a Jedi in SWG, and when the devs capitulated it completely killed the game.


Adding a “Book” or “Tomb” of Warding to the game could be an easy fix. Added to the players data UI, to unlock the needed ward equip a piece of gear with the desired ward and it unlocks the ward in the tomb for that slot. Players can then scrap the piece and the Tomb of Warding simply “auto enables” the unlocked wards when the player enters that mutation. It keeps the needed gold and time sink in the game and frees players from having stupid amounts of gear weighing them down.

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Sagacious set for PvE healer …healers don’t need ward


Not a fan of this overall, but I at least can get behind them splitting things like Ennead. I hate BnB having some lost and some angry earth (and some beast for crocs?) weaved in together, but Ennead has a clear Ancient > corrupted > ancient setup where if we had loadouts would be very easy to manage and keeps the need of multiple sets and makes it feel more worthwhile to have them.

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Can’t believe they came at us with a dungeon split into ancient/corrupted BEFORE adding equipment loadouts. 100% with you :smile:


Ward gear is for players who don’t know where L-Shift is placed on a keyboard


Dps don’t need it either if they know how to press L-Shift. The discriminative nature of “you need ward gear or I won’t take you in my group” is one of the big reasons I don’t run with randos.


I’m fine with the complexity. I don’t want it to be even an iota less complex. I just want to be able to manage it all easier. I’m tired of manually searching through a page full of loot.

Even if I could just type “ancient ward” into the inventory search box and have my ancient ward gear filtered, it would be more tolerable.


Also having a “Mastercraftsman” set combining all others would be nice…

The reason they wont do that, is because they are doing horizontal progression instead of vertical.

Instead of getting more powerful gear, higher level, more skill points and higher expertise we build ward/mitigation for a given type. That way instead of having to get to level 80, with GS 650 to do the final dungeon, you get ward gear instead.

It’s entirely different than the standard MMO in that way, this allows for there to me multiple simultaneous progression grinds instead of one. IE get the most powerful gear set to do the one highest dungeon, to get the next most powerful gear set. (one track)

In this way, i believe it is superior, as you can get one set to 625 and run M10 (corrupted is the easiest) incredibly fast in comparison to a game where the grind is vertical, meaning you cannot do end game until you’ve maxed everything and are progressing on the final dungeon.


I kinda like the idea of having different sets for different types of expeditions.


Please - this almost really seems like a no brainer… Even with loadouts people will have 15 sets of gear… does this not ring any alarms? That’s not a smooth system.

Also with a generic (Expedition Ward/PvE Ward) whatever it may be, it should be on ALL gear that drops in M dungeons, including the set gear, because right now some of these cool gear sets from Mutated expeditions are completely useless to use in the same dungeon you got it from, see…

This feels like a HUGE issue to me and its only a matter of time before people start catching on as more and more people reach endgame…

Reduce the gear bloat and make ALL sets from Mutated dungeons viable… otherwise what’s the point.

I like that not every piece is warded, there are good sets that drop in mutations that are good for things other than mutations.

If the weapons and armor all had ward or bane they’d be useless to anything but mutations :c


If there was a generic PvE ward on all gear from Mutations it would be useful for ALL PvE content.


They won’t do that, it would cut progression time down to 1/5th if there was a spectral ward for all mobs. And the first 625 set you completed you’d be done progression wise.

Ward gear wouldn’t sell either since it would be on everything and everyone would have a set from their first mutation. And you wouldn’t get pvp drops to sell either presumably so there’s no longer any value in running the dungeon.

There are multiple reasons as to why things are the way that they are now.

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