Please Make "Warding" Perks Generic


Something blizzard learned many moons ago is now plaguing “endgame PvE” in New World.

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Still waiting on someone from Amazon to comment on this growing problem.

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When mutations were launched and I got to 625 with heavy voidbent and no bane weapons (it was fine back then), I was able to farm enough shards that, by the time ward started being required, I could upgrade entire sets to 625 with ease.

That’s not the case, at all, with a friend of mine who just came back and has to level up all 4 sets. The new rewards for lower difficulties are nice, but the new upgrade cost system is bad in my opinion. They should have kept it the way it was (extremely cheap 600-620 and only expensive 620-625), or something in between. It’s quite a grind for my friend, who, after a month or so, he still hasn’t reached 625 but on some weapons.

Since ward is required for pugs, I agree they should just combine all 4 wards into a single one. It’s just too much grind for beginners or returning players.

Wards should be a friggin potion much like blight tincture and be done with it.
It’s a waste of everybody’s time to keep adding horizontal PvE progression and demanding that everyone can keep up with whatever time they can invest in the game.


As Sufferus said …Pre Brimstone sure ward was optional as long as your other gear was good…mostly weapons…
Now nope
I see light gear DPS in Ennead and just tell him bye bye …Archers can OHK them ,so can spears…even those shield guys hit harder than anything did in old style dungs

M5 Ennead is equivalent of old M10 Laz/Gen as far as damage/hp is concerned

Laz M10 now you will always lose one or two shield guys on starting doors if your DPS aren’t geared with both bane and ward…no more skipping …must kill everything and hope mob or three don’t get bugged and get stuck in walls
Gen warriors (those with hammer like weapons) in M10 will one hit tanks from time to time,them little mobs will tear healer/mage/archer to shreds in two hits max
Dynasty is bugged ,impossible to finish

How about this

If you have all 4 ward set at 625 in your storage/s …any gear that you are currently wearing in your run in Mutation will automatically gain ward perk

Same could be applied to gathering gear

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Fixing the issue of gear bloat caused by specific ward perks is a HUGE step in creating a smoother and more enjoyable endgame AND improving quality of life.

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I agree with what is said here in this thread that there is absolutely no reason for developers to have ward and banes be a thing… introduce timed metrics to mutations…and then release multi creature type dungeons without having gear sets in place so that you can swap gear efficiently.


Additionally, if “generic” wards are off the table what about hybrid wards? Why not introduce a new ward when you do these mashups that is specific to the creatures in the dungeon.

Brimstone Ward or Bane: Works against Ancients and Corrupted.
Powder Ward or Bane: Works against Lost and Angry Earth.

Then that gives PVE folks another gear set to farm towards if they dont want to have to swap items.

Maybe the wards are 5% each instead of 6% and maybe do something similar for banes where it’s 12% instead of 14%.

Min/Max players will still use totally optimized sets and folks who want to simply life will give up a little power to be more generic and not have to carry multiple sets of gear.

Strong 625 Ward set is endgame pve goal.
Build optimization and specialize your build to specific content is deep and interesting mechanic.
Why you want to flat this game removing complexity?
I use light shield against corrupted (good if you auto attack a lot and you want damage) and tower shield against other kind of mobs, do you want to take away my shield choices also?
I keep reading about removing stuff, removing ward, Bane, elemental weaknesses from mobs. And then what do we get?
1 build for everithing and remember to dodge?
It s good to have multiple sets…
I like to specialize my build for specific encounter

Remember it s like a card game.
Deck building is part of the fun

You know, I’d agree with you if we hadn’t split mobs dungeons and no inventory/builds management.

Just as simple, gear weight is high, cost is affordable and crafting generic ward is cheap, but walking around with 4 sets (ancient, corrupted, angry earth, pvp) sucks. Plus you have to swap gems constantly. That if you run only 1 build. STR Melee DPS usually go med, DEX go light mostly. That’s at least 2 sets, x 3 dungeons, 6 ward sets plus the potential elemental combos.
Nobody is asking for autopots or dumbing it down, simplify gameplay and audience accessibility, that’s what the Devs fail to produce and keep introducing weird mechanics, split mob types or simply adding extra base damage factor to “harden” the PvE content, when they are just simply adjusting multipliers.

Will add my support to this, again, for visibility. I think making one PvE Damage Ward would be AMAZING and help to reduce the gear bloat. I might even start trying to play mutations if they do this, right now its just not worth all of the effort. :+1:



How anyone can see this as “complexity” is beyond me - this is just a straight up time sink clear as day. You worry more about chasing down a piece of gear for a single perk that carries no weight outside of 1-2 expedition, how is that meaningful progression?

If you want complexity add build diversity, add interesting mechanics, give me a GOOD piece of armor from an expedition that makes me feel like I earned something useful that improves my gameplay.

I can tell you there’s no sense of pride in collecting half-assed sets of gear for warding perks just to muddle my way through a mutated expeditions for pieces of armor that don’t even have warding perks on them… so essentially useless.

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I absolutely agree with this. The real complexity and interesting gameplay comes from Stat/Weapon Perk/Armor Perks that are not associated with wards. Right now Wards>Everything else and the game actually loses complexity because you will take a piece of ward first and then try to optimize second, where if it was a generic ward perk your ability to focus on the important perks becomes more realistic and achievable.


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Yea, this is about extending whatever life span the game has to offer regarding “content”.

Split stat gear was never mentioned ever again, that would have brought a lot of new diversity, but let’s increase GS homing and add autopots.

YES. This would also reduce the amount of perks in the game, to make room for new ones. Monster bane and Monster ward instead of all of the variations we currently have. Would make it a lot easier to get into dungeons if I didn’t need to make so many sets to do so.

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Thanks - Bump

We need to keep this active, ward perks just another gate for new players trying to get into M1-10s

not a good look for returning players.

As a tip, you may find that EPIC (purple) ward items are consideringly cheaper than Legendary items.

there is no difference between an EPIC 625 item with 2 decent perks and a leg 625 item with 2 decent perks and a pointless one. Most if the random leg ward items I pick up always have a pointless perk (increased mana regen on heavy for instance.) :slight_smile:

Wont always fit the bill but worth looking into if you trying to get a set together quickly.

I appreciate the tip, but the entire point is that you should have to scramble around for bad purple gear just to

because that generates a lack of player identity and a feeling of meaningful progression all while stopping many new players from getting into mutated expedition.

Currently im 625 without a single warded perk as a healer and I refuse to goof around 4 or more sets of gear just to link garbage to some dude in LFG and go into an m10 in what I actually want to wear regardless.

On top of that im what, putting together a set quickly to complete a Mutated expedition for gear that lacks the perks I needed to get in, in the first place?

How does that make sense.

Purple gear is not “bad”, its exactly the same as legendary power wise. Legendary only makes a difference if you have a decent third perk. most items of which do not. You don’t need legendary to complete mutation, can be done with decent EPIC even M10. Hell you can do M10 with voidbent if you like, just make sure you know the mechs.

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You are missing the point -

My question is, what is the point of the loot table of the hardest PvE content in the game, when a fair percentage of the gear you get from it is unusable in mutated dungeons.

So you have to use a lesser piece of gear to participate in endgame PvE? Its a very poorly designed system in my opinion.