Please Make "Warding" Perks Generic

Its grind like you get in all mmo’s to be fair. Does WoW not force you to grind new raid gear every time they release a new one.

AGS didn’t force people to charge 200,000+ for a “BiS” item, peeps greed did that.

And if “BiS” gear dropped like candy from a sweet jar, peeps would just moan about that also.

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Well the reward you get for completing the hardest PvE content in WoW is better gear you can actually use, unlike New World.

I dont mind upgrading when a new raid comes out, im rewarded for learning mechanics and dedicating time. That progression makes sense to me. Thats progress through gameplay mechanics and challenge to skill.

Not flipping through pages of the trading post looking for a ward perk (how exciting)

And BiS PvE gear SHOULD come from M10 dungeons, not crafting gambling simulators.

New World has a lot to figure out yet with its endgame progression.


I suspect many of the perceived issues were deliberately baked into the game as they most likely originally intended to sell the solution to these problems in the cash shop.

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Still waiting on a reply from Amazon. This is a non-trivial issue.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this!

ra ra rant removed

Cutting back to only having Physical and Elemental wards woulds be much better for the game. Especially with no gear manager coming any time soon.

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This is due AGS’s and to a degree the communities insistence that MUTs be the premiere track for progressing your gear through umbrals.

The loot table has to satisfy all content types including PvP and we all know how bloated the perk table is and still not properly weighted or optimized and pared down.

The perk bloat exists not just with Ward gear it exists everywhere.

But because Muts are the main looting activity it HAS to have the widest drop table, because its designed in a way where everyone has to run it to effectively progress their content gear.

If the game properly weighed the loot tables, reduced the perk bloat, made the Azoth salt the PvP equivalent of Umbral shards and started to design the game around proper content gear loops then PvE mutation loot could likely be addressed.

As long as the system remain the way it is it wont and tbh shouldnt change.

I dont like doing MUTs they are boring and nothing more than a stat check. But while im doing them I do appreciate i can find viable PvP gear that Im not getting from OPR because i need the MUT for the shards.

W regards to the OP yes I agree please make Ward gear generic.

But also generally speaking please address this wider need to grind in order to grind more effectively design of a lot of content.

The whole I need 590-600 gear and then shard it, to earn more shards so i can farm shards with maximal effectiveness and nothing to do w the gear once ive maximized it is kinda just a bad gameplay loop.

I get raids are coming but please dont also make that another treadmill ppl have to jog on.

This Devs. Remove your heads from your backside

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I will go a step further and say. They need to rethink how perks work on gear…

It would be so much better if you had some changeable perks. Ie, a set with resilient that can be changed to monster ward.

I understand this messes up well… the entire gearing system but I think in the long run if you could either toggle or switch with crafting or azoth would be good.

There is a huge drop rate for ward gear in the dungeon you run. Can easily get by with upgrading 590+ purple two perk gear. It isn’t bad but I agree that upgrading it all is a grind fest

After lvl 60 our experience should be targeted towards a new skill tree that you access at lvl 60, this is not new and has been done in various MMO successfully.

Which would include all the resistance perks for PvE AND PvP, why? Because this game has many perks and if you are forced to have Ward on PvE and Resilient in PvP then it makes all the builds the same, it’s just boring, there are so many cool perks that you can’t even consider having because you already have locked slots for certain perks that you need in order to be a proper end game competitive player in both modes.

It would even help crafting, this is a totally win win situation for everyone and it will give a meaning to earn experience after lvl 60, you would actually feel stronger.

I know this current system will not last anyways, it’s a headache for many players.

Absolutely not

depends if you have a regular group or not because if your group isn’t getting mobs off you things can get troublesome quickly.

loadouts should have been in the game since day one…it amazes me that no one at AGS thought about gear load outs when they knew that this game would require multiple sets for different activities.

this game is absolutely horrible for gear and inventory management and needs to be overhauled.

you should be able to put your items wherever you want in your inventory so you can group ward gear together or gathering or crafting etc…

Absolutely yes :rofl:

Let’s just say things with no coverage just for “fun” , right? :rofl:

That’s a good suggestion, but do you realize that ward sets are “content”?

What is there to do in NW besides of farming those sets? As sad as it is.

no generic ward makes no sense… its challangeing when a dungeon have different types of monster

Nobody actually uses ward sets, its just a pug requirement to protect from stupid.

Its literally the least challenging thing in the game and its a hilarious excuse for endgame content.