Please Make "Warding" Perks Generic

I think this should be a craftable set. The mats would require all the other full sets.

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it won’t happen little brother. it is pointless for you, or any CryHard, to ask for more ezmode.

Wards in general was their worst addition to the game, they only serve as a crutch and renders hundreds if not even thousands of items as garbage. How many man hours did AGS use to develop and make all the gear we have in the game 1000 hours, 10 000 hours? All being salvaged because it does not have wards, they keep adding new items that does not have wards so we keep salvage them, the gear bloat has to stop!


Agreed, anyone who thinks it adds depth to the end game, I just have to assume this is their first MMO and I shed a tear for them.

Very sad.

I stand by my idea of making ward as potions like the damage ones, but for the armor as a general buff.

AFAIK, you can stack up to around 30% resistance right? 5 pieces + shield if you have.

So make them arcana craftable, tier 1 to 5, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% with the same crap you make the weapon coatings. Revive arcana, the old void set that could be well used here (only if you dont run FOC or INT coz reasons).

The same logic applies to resilient, items that are pvp centric but does not have resilient serve no purpose, yet we see new original items added to the game being pvp centric missing resilient!? Why even have original made items when they don’t serve any purpose, we would be better off getting a random piece with random roll rather than some named piece that will just get salvaged anyways.

Wards and Resilient should both be made into music performance buffs, music performance currently have no actual use in Expeditions and PVP.

How about changing the functionality of Heart Gems? Make one for each ward type with low percentages at the beginning and higher percentages as you level them up. Then, we could swap them out based on the expedition’s enemy type including those that have two types.

Just a thought

Resilient and Resistancy perks ( ward) are things that have been used in MMOs for years and have since been forgotten because of how poor of a system it is.

Its just a matter of time before New World removes these and saves everyone trying to enjoy endgame PvE a HUGE headache -

Hey AGS, I would love to use gear from M10s that does not have ward perks on it, can I… pretty please?


Another thread highlighted how it’s too hard to find groups for mutations. Generic ward armor would go a long way towards fixing this.

I know it’s why I don’t bother with mutations. It’s a pain to get the gear and it’s a pain to organize a group that has the correct items.

I keep a corrupted set with the right gems on for the mutation, that’s it… I will not be bothered to get multiple sets for each ward, it’s just stupid game design. Blizzard learned their lesson about this ten years ago, a shame AGS didn’t learn from their mistakes.

Let’s make commands as well where people can give themselves bis items so there will be truly nothing to aim for in this game. We should all play one hour beat the game and uninstall.

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