Please merge EU Nyx to Kronos

Got up to level 25 on Nyx in the last 2 days with some friends, but problem is the population barely exceeds 400 players at peak during the day, there’s no dungeon queues due to lack of population, and this prohibits us from experiencing a lot of cool pve content, not to mention there’s no queue for arenas as well which is what we were looking for as we’re returning players. Also gameplay wise, it’d be a whole lot more enjoyable to have more people on for every aspect of the game.

There’s also frequent complaints in server chat on Nyx how it’s dying more and more day by day, so I hope there can be something done about it! No one on the server cares about territories, we just wanna have people to play with, so please do consider a merge!

Looking forward to a response, many thanks in advance!


I can vouch for having a pretty hard time finding anyone to do dungeons with. Especially when leveling as there is no one doing low level content… I support all of Brka’s claims as me and my friends are having the exact same issues.

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iam waiting for that news too as a nyx server player. if they don’t have merge in their plans, they need to announce it, so I’ll make a plan according to that. because if there is no merge planned soon, i will take a break from my nyx account and open an account in legacy.

it is worse in crassus. 350 on average or less per day, there are no people in queues for OPR, there are no people signed up for invasions so cities fall, nor for dungeons, the only thing that is done are runs… we need a merge now please

artemis is unplayable. IF you are lucky you can get 1 opr/day, thats it. No merge = players quit, since you cant play.

Yeap I think at this point they should just merge all EU servers into 1 server and I think that’d just be about perfect to fill up 2.5k, there might be minimum queue, but everyone would have an awesome time. We need to gather support for mergers asap!


nyx typical Sunday afternoon


and again