Please move "GRIT" (300 STR perk) to 300 CON

Having playing a “Bruiser” since launch, as well as a Tank (in PVE), I do agree with the general consensus that having Grit from 300 Strength, makes Bruiser builds outperform.

You also have the balance of 300 CON being utterly disappointing for Tanks. Currently the 200 CON perk, is the best perk from Con. 250 Con used to be really strong and the 60 sec CD made it (honestly) worthless…

Right now there are also massive complaints of the 300 STR/ 200 CON “Bruiser” builds that are “outperforming” They get the best of both worlds. High Damage (300 STR), Immune to CC effects (Grit from 300 STR) and +20% increased armor (200 Con).

An easy solution (it seems to me) is to SWAP 300 STR “Grit” with the 300 Con “CC” bonus.

This is how they would read POST-CHANGE:

Strength (STR)

  • 300: +20% duration of stun, slow, and root spells, 25% chance to fully mine an ore node with a single swing

Constitution (CON)

  • 300: Light and heavy attacks with melee weapons gain Grit , 25% chance to chop down a tree in a single swing

If someone wants to get Grit (A defensive Buff as you are immune to CC when attacking) they need to invest into the Defensive Stat! (Con!)

So now you will still see 300/200 “Bruiser” Builds, but you will also see viable 200/300 “Tank” Builds that now gain Grit (at the cost of damage).

Having Grit tied to 300 STR - gives too much good benefit. Being able to swing for massive damage and get grit 90% of the time you are attacking, just allows you to ignore too much of the games mechanics and the bigger issue is there is no real “counter” to this. You cannot use CC effects to escape the situation, because the 300 STR user is immune to this, thanks to GRIT…

Please consider this simple swap. Thanks!

(Would also make Tanking feel MUCH MUCH better in PVE, not getting tossed around 24/7).


Agreed, But:

Strength (STR)

  • 300: +5% Damage Bonus + 5% Attack speed to make up for the Grit loss, 25% chance to fully mine an ore node with a single swing.

Constitution (CON)

  • 300: Light and heavy attacks with melee weapons gain Grit , 25% chance to chop down a tree in a single swing

  • 250: +20% duration of stun, slow, and root spells, +10% yield increase when logging

This would be a much better breakdown for both Tanks and Dps for both PvE and PvP.


Is this in the game anywhere else? They may not even have this coded anywhere… Id rather not introduce a new aspect into this game just for sheer sake of fear it breaks something else…

Intelligence (INT)

  • 300: +10% damage on first hit on full health target, -10% reduction in Azoth travel cost

Dexterity (DEX)

  • 300: Ammo has +15% chance of being returned, guaranteed critical hit after a dodge roll

I think the INT one needs a rework, the DEX isnt bad with guaranteed Crit after dodge.

These perks should all FEEL “OP” without actually being OP. Grit is actually (imo) a perfect 300 Stat Perk, it just gives a 300 STR use too much when paired with a 200 Con Heavy Armor user.

Id rather see Strength provide something LIKE:

Strength (STR)

  • 300: “Attacks have a 100% Critical Chance against foes under 35% HP”
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That would give every STR User execute on every ability. It would negate some of the Ability points in their trees. 5% Damage bonus for the 300 STR is enough to cover for the dmg decrease they will get because of positioning from the lack of Grit.


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Imo Defensive Formation needs a rework asap. Any change to make it more PvP viable.

Make Defiant Stance give you Grit like Berserk would be great. Especially with its high CD.



while I sympathize with your qualms regarding 300 STR getting grit they deserve it, they are attackers. They are attacking with grit as a STRENGTH empowered person should.


You are a tank. You GET HIT. You don’t need/get grit when attacking because (sorry to burst your bubble) but you’re not as strong as a 300 STRENGTH person.

You are, however, more DURABLE. You should get grit when you are BLOCKING, when you are STABLE, when you DEFEND. You SHOULD have grit as a DEFENSIVE option since we have it as an OFFENSIVE option.

There’s no logical reason ATTACKING grit should ever be a 300 CONSTITUTION ability. DEFENDING grit tho…


So whats funny is I actually dont think its really that strong a perk.

In PVP, most players run 4 or 5/5 Resil. So unless you run Vicious, many crits actually do less damage than non crits.

Also, you can attack any enemy from behind and have 100% crit chance.

So in PVP - “meh”
PVE - “meh”

But on paper it SOUNDS really good. “100% crit under 35%?!?”

In reality, it really isnt that amazing for either. Which IMO - makes it a perfect Capstone. SOUNDS super good, Sounds/Feels OP, but in reality isnt super OP.

In this case scenario, Lets give Grit to Dex and Intel Users as well because they are attackers. Because they are “Strong” they should receive a buff to Damage.

Not as Strong hence we do less dmg. But we are alot more Sturdy. We should not get knocked around like rag dolls while we swing.

This would work if Blocking isn’t so bugged at the moment. Press and Hold right click and then watch your shield drops is the worst thing. Having Grit also allows us to build agro so the Dps doesn’t get hit.

Grit or 5% Dmg bonus? One increases your damage while the other one allows you to swing endlessly with no consequences of being knocked back.

So why not give them a 5% attack buff. If you attack from behind, you would increase your dmg and your crit dmg as well.

Please don’t be facetious. This kind of reaching isn’t even in line with the logic presented here. Strength = pure physical power. You know what was meant.

Thwarting Strikes perk on weapons increases dmg 11% so your offer doesn’t hold any weight.

It just boils basically this:

With this we both have grit and you can be happy! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if you’ve played with shield, but we already have a kind of “front grit” when we block, being that, only staggers in other directions hit us, so your suggestion wouldn’t make much difference to the tank.

However, a buff like 300 STR would just make the tank more “unstoppable” or more “resistant” to controls, which allows several sword passives that rely on finishing the auto attack sequence, or using the charged attack. , are better explored. Remember that the sword doesn’t have any passive that gives grit, like GA and WH do.

they can solve many pvp problems in the game this way. But I don’t think they will, the developer who adjusted the balance plays great axe and admires it.


If you guys already have grit when blocking why do you need it when attacking? I thought you were all being “thrown around like rag dolls”.

Sounds like an issue with the sword skill tree. Not the STR and CON attributes.

Im not opposed to 5% damage Buff, it just seems lazy to me. Its just “stats” as some people say.

Now if you want to add a capstone that does something LIKE:

“Light and Heavy Attacks give you a stack of 2% Damage bonus for 5 seconds (max 5)” I would be more interested in something like this.

It just adds a bit more flavor to just pure damage… Or even something like:

“Light and Heavy Attacks give you a stack of 5% Crit Chance bonus for 5 seconds (max 5)”

Some sort of stacking buff, that makes you feel you are “gaining momentum”.

This would be “inline” with Dex players getting Crit chance after each dodge.

Physical power = More Dmg. Not untouchable when it comes to being knocked back. That belongs to the tanks.

If you take a look at the different trees, you would see this.



So yeah Thwarting strikes would work here for Dps.

I would agree to this as well. Either in Pure Dmg of 2% stacking or Crit Chance stacking.
Most PvPers would want the 2% Stacking.
Most PvErs would want the 2% Crit Chance stacking.

Almost all PvPers would cry about the Grit going away.

Hi there aaronsmith88, thanks for taking the time to post your suggestions, the dev team is always looking for player feedback so I will get this sent up to them. Thanks and have a great day!