Please nerf the cast time (after switching weapons) and duration of Petrifying Scream

Now the void gauntlet is a extremely fun weapon to use and very versatile. It allows you to be supportive by empowering your teammates and setting up plays with its cc.

At the same time it also is one of the best melee weapons with an immense amount of life steal, high crit damage, and cooldown reduction through skills and perks.

The real problem with this weapon is some of the unintended mechanics.

First and foremost, if someone is a Void Gauntlet user, you can not tell since it’s not clear to see.

Second, if they swap their weapon and immediately cast Petrifying Scream then it’s animation is delayed and the root is instantaneous. This provides the best crowd control in the game (other than maybe gravity well which can be dodged or jumped out of by mobility abilities).

A couple of solutions to this are simple to add more of a visual cast time to the ability like every other form of CC, nerf the root duration and allow for mobility abilities to move out of it.

Why is this important? Well let’s take a scenario of war. Your out there having fun dodging different abilities, cc, and outplaying to your hearts content. Oh what?!? He has void gauntlet and now I can’t move for 2.5 seconds and oh now there is a gravity well follow up so I can’t dodge or move for another eternity and dead.

The only solution to this is to never be in melee range of anyone since you can not tell who has a VG secondary and the animation is canceled by swapping…. So maybe it really is an upcoming only range meta lol


The key is the weapon does too much too well. If it’s a support weapon like a life staff then remove the life steal and high crit damage. If it’s a DPS weapon then nerf the root duration and cast time on scream and then there is some outplay potential on both sides. Simple as that. I have played literally every build and tried every weapon (except spear) and it’s really just on the S++ tier right now especially with some of the best perks in the game.


As someone using a LS and VG, yea they probably need to do some reworking with the animation, but absolutly not mess with the root time. Until they add grit or some type of stabilization or nerf to the other CC’s, that is really the viable way someone like me could root, then try to get away without being perma stunned, again… At least with root you can still cast and block, the other CC’s your completly helpless.


So actually on the PTR they nerfed path of destiny (big aoe stun) it’s cc to a third of length of what it is currently.

At the same time they have massive nerfs to Great axe and Shockwave (other hammer CC) which should definitely limit the amount of people taking them. I hope this means this will limit those forms of CC but even so 2.5 seconds with no ability of escape is definitely a bit much.

If it was on its own it wouldn’t be much of an issue but the fact that it prevents you from dodging and then you can get chained into grav wells which also prevent dodging makes it impossible to outplay. I guess if it was possible to dodge with a better animation then it would be ok, but right now it feels dreadful to play against. This is just amplified by lag as well too.

Agreed. They should remove the root all together. Root shouldn’t exist in this game.

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What do you mean? It’s super obvious.

Also, VG has some major issues, mostly with the void blade. Like hit detection issues and the small matter of it turning itself off sometimes. Very fun.


You can’t tell when they have their other weapon equipped. Sorry for not clarifying. It’s actually a problem for both gauntlets except the darkness makes it blend in even more.

Also yes it has hit detection problems like every other melee and ranged weapon in the game. That’s a game problem but I do think it is more pressing with melee weapons. I have used both and find that the VG works much better than a Hatchet and sword. Around the same to GA I’d say from experience.

I disagree. I’ve had people literally walk backwards and my melee attacks just kind of “slide” off of them. It can be frustrating.

Also idk, I guess I’m just used to looking at the characters body for weapons. The ring on the hip pops out to me. As does the ice core.

For 1v1s I guess in a war environment good luck.

Again that’s all melee weapons except for maybe GA which is received the same treatment as others this next patch.

The problem is more with the instant cast scream that does not show an animation till after your routed. I mean the weapon doesn’t even show half the time while your routed until a half second later lol

I agree that the Instacast might be an issue, but also with all of the grit and dodge Iframes and it being a small cone. Imo it isn’t too much of a problem.

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its the biggest problem in pvp atm

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Highly disagree

And when you say sometimes, you really mean often, right?

For me it seems the longer I play, the more it happens. A few hours in, it can shut itself off a few casts in a row. Makes it unusable.

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I fully agree with the the proposed changes. Alternatively, the cooldown for petrifying scream can be increased instead of tweaking the duration of the root.

I can see and react to all stuns in the game, but for petrifying scream, I have to jump around and try to bait the ability out, I cant react to the fast wind-up animation.

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Void Gauntlet the most balanced weapon right now. Not even comparable to the likes of
War Hammer with its OP stun chains.

If you compare it to the live servers, sure. However, on the PTR, the hammer has been nerfed, and the GA lunge has been nerfed, makes the Void Gauntlet the next best thing on the upcoming patch.


I don’t know… I have never lost a duel versus a melee player with the void gauntlet entirely on its own. All you have to do is dodge their clearly indicated CC that has like a 1 second animation and your fine.

Meanwhile I can lock them in place with no animation. Kinda nuts. Even as someone who has it as a build I don’t enjoy it because it’s not enjoyable when it happens back to me.

It’s on their belt it’s not hard to see if you know where to look. But am I the only one who learns my opponents? Like the other day I pushed a bow guy, he took out his rapier caught me off guard and 100-0’d me almost instantly. Next time I saw him, I think “remember this guy is good with Rapier don’t aggro rush him” we had a good fight and I won because I approached him differently knowing what he can personally do.

It happens enough to annoy but not enough to make it unusable in my opinion, but yes by sometimes I mean a lot lol.

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GA is still very much a monster tbh. I was playing with it on PTR