Please nerf the cast time (after switching weapons) and duration of Petrifying Scream

Idk if it’s just that I’ve mained it since it came out, but I have almost no problems with dealing with other void gauntlets. I can’t actively dodge the root, but I pretty much always know when it’s coming and can bait it.

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Scream is just too good. Compared to other abilities that have a similar effect, f.e. Ice Shower, it has less than half of the CD, a lot faster Cast Time and roots longer. It is actually ridiculous and there is pretty much no counterplay. Usually you get hit and if there is more than one opponent, you’re probably dead.


I wouldn’t call GA a monster on the PTR. Previously, the GA lunge range was absurd and that has been toned down to something manageable. A GA user has to use his abilities cleverly to lock down an opponent. Even though it is strong, the combos takes some skill to pull off.

The VG combo is very hard to deal with. VG players open with the scream, and the cast time is so quick, you have to already be evading to avoid it. Even if avoided, the cooldown on the scream is fast and you have little time to capitalize on the downtime. A poor VG player often wastes his scream, but against a patient VG player, there is no counterplay.

I really don’t care about the damage the weapon outputs, that can be tweaked anytime by the dev team. The main issue is how easy it is to drop the VG combo on a player.

The worst part is the lag. It’s not hard to dodge but somehow most of the time I dodge this/ice wall and 1 second later my character teleports back into the spot and is rooted because of lag between the servers, even though on my screen I dodged the ability.


15 seconds is totally long enough to capitalize. Yes there is a lot of CD on the VG but it is reliant on you critting, or hitting an enemy after you’ve stacked 3 disintegration debuffs on them, or hitting an enemy while tethered if you’ve spec’d into that. No where near as much CD as say…a rapier.

The speed of it is extremely fast yes, but remember that the VG has no mobility, and the scream is the ONLY hard cc that the weapon has, it’s narrow, and short range.

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Wrong. Hammer CC brakes as soon as you Receive damage. Root should Break also then.

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The counterplay is bait it

But the meta hammer strat is to chain CC to set up for one big heavy attack.

Might be possible in an isolated 1v1 fight, but that rarely ever happens in NW. The whole idea of combat based on skill just goes out of the window as soon as there are abilities where you literally can’t do anything unless you’re 100% focused on a single player.

There is still counterplay while you are rooted. It does not stop you from blocking, using CC skills or any other skills. I’ve had plenty of people make me waste my root because I wasn’t able to capitalize on it due to their counter decisions.

Oh no, something counters GA/WH… NERF IT


I mean…if you’re melee and fighting multiple enemies then you’re already not winning probably most of the time anyway unless you’ve been maining WH/GA. If you’re ranged then you should probably be able to count the amount of times you’ve been rooted by the scream on one hand.

This too

That’s the whole point. Since Alpha 2 I was frequently able to win 1v2s, 1v3s & 1v4s if I played correctly. Nowadays you get hit with an instant skill that completely blocks you from dodging or using any movement skills to outplay other people and ultimately severely reduces the skill gap.

Weapons like VG and IG Pre-Nerf just rely on a single ability hitting you and then you’re only as good as your Healthbar at that time. I’m a mage player myself and I just think it’s sad that the whole design of a weapon relies on a long root to be able to deal any damage.

Wanna see you counterplay me and 2 friends when we all have VGs. Game should be atleast balanced around Group-play when it’s not balanced around duels. Diminishing returns on roots & Stuns have been suggested a million times in these forums but constantly ignored.

There just is no counterplay just like there is no real counterplay to the enemy team consisting of Hammers and Greataxes consistently Staggering and Grav Welling you until you’re dead.

Refreshing move is the recommended perk for the VG, and it makes a huge difference. Stacking cooldown is the recommended tactic for VG specifically because scream is such a strong ability. As well, I stressed that a patient VG player holds onto their scream until they have a good chance of landing it. The screams quick animation forces the opponent to always play around the scream, and the overly cautious playstyle of the opponent leaves the initiative to the VG player.

For all other roots/stuns in the game, there is either a wind-up animation (axe, rapier, hammer, some spear, IG), a difficulty in landing the stun (slight axe, slight rapier, slight spear, hammer, IG), or even an ability to escape the stun/root (dodge out of riposte, evade/fletche out of grav).

Putting aside the direct weapon comparisons, VG is differentiated from other roots and stuns because the user can damage the rooted from a distance. If someone gravs me with their axe, they have to get close to me to damage me. Their positioning allows me to regain initiative and use my own abilities. The full VG combo allows the user to be out of melee distance and fully pull off the combo for lots of damage. A melee user cant do anything at all while rooted. Even when I run into a musket trap, I can crouch up and down quickly to prevent headshots. If I run into an icewall, I am an idiot and deserve to be punished. The VG scream is stronger than any stun/root in the game, and should be brought in line with the other stuns.

Pretty sure that magical ice weapon traditionally always means HEAVY CC. Not sure what else i expect from it. As for VG, people have caught on to it. It’s just not a skill that you’re likey to actively dodge on purpose. Just have to bait it out…it’s not really any different than trying to Iframe a poison shot, or a powder burn.

I agree, VG doesn’t have mobility, but it has strong zoning that somewhat makes up for it, similar to the IG. Even though scream is the weapons only hard CC, it has the fastest cast time. I want opponents to have some way of baiting out the scream like all other stuns/roots in the game, the quick cast time makes that practically impossible against a patient VG player.


I agree with what your saying but I would also say that it’s nearly impossible to bait any skill out of any patient players no matter the weapon.

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Thats true, you cant bait out any ability from a patient player. When I bait out an attack, I get close, I probe to get a reaction and save enough stamina to escape. I can’t do that against VG’s scream, the animation is simply too fast. Against any other stun in the game, I don’t have to be overly cautious, I can still attempt to attack and land my own abilities while trying to bait out abilities. The VG gives all the initiative to the VG player, it is the elephant in the room.

I feel like fights are determined by whether or not the VG player can land their stun, and right now, it is very easy for them to do that.

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