Please nerf the cast time (after switching weapons) and duration of Petrifying Scream

If it would be up to me, make it a 1,5 sec root with a larger Cone, but make it have a little longer of a casttime. More Risk, More Reward. But most importantly more Counterplay.

Look at Shockwave on Hammer. Large Radius, Long CC, but also a slow windup so it’s easier to avoid. That’s how it should be. Scream on Void Gauntlet doesn’t have any indicator that it’s gonna be cast and it just makes it impossible to react to + you can easily chain infinite Screams from different people without any diminishing returns, which is just extremely bad game design.


Let’s just nerf anything that stops the mindless melee death ball. Roots, range and aoe damage, and pesky heals.

Wrong it does not. I get cc’d then left defenseless until the timer.

@Community-Team @Luxendra

You able to have the team look into this since honestly the animation cancel with scream is disgusting to play against. I don’t use that lightly.

If only they balanced VG like they balanced Greataxe.

u sound like the ppl that were cryingga wh didnt need nerfs lol

Ok, then remove root from hatchet in back :slight_smile:

Plus, remove all CCs on the game cause if you’re CCed you cant do damage.

P.S.: Both are ironic comments.

I don’t use WH.

Sus :thinking:

english isnt ur first language i see

My guy, that ish was barely english.

crying ga. u couldnt figure that out?

Nah because spaces in the right places are Important. Anyway I don’t use that

no shit u use vg. how dumb are u lol. i said u sound like the ppl that were crying about ga wh nerfs.

I’m so done with whatever this is lol. Stay in school :joy:

keep responding

I do think it needs to be adjusted and based on the past typically when something is broken they just absolutely gut everything about it. Lol I would rather than do more short term adjustments like maybe adding a charge time to cast it with a larger radius or shorter duration of root unless they hold it down to cast. This would be really cool and not gut the ability

I agree.

VG Does everything. Its a great melee or ranged weapon. Its oblivion is even bigger than sacred ground. The root is the most powerful root in the game since it comes out instantly and 2.5 seconds root is too long, which is longer when someone’s health is lowered.

You basically run mostly VGs, root, and have people rain AoEs while they take damage for 2.5 seconds. All of that adds up and there is absolutely nothing you can do during that root other than block and pray.

The blade is super strong. Basically having healers actually be able to kill whilst healing themselves at the same time. The self sustainability is insane. Majority of folks are starting to switch over to VG more and more because its pretty much one of the big turning tides in group combat.

The key also is with the correct perks it goes from best weapon in the game to miles ahead of any other weapon. Its only going to get worse too with timeless shards allowing for that lol