Please New World

Please, I hope with the new patch tomorrow, there will be at least 1 new server, That cannot be server transfered, for at least 7 months, making it more or less a fresh start to the game, for people who are comming back and want to experience the game right from scratch, and create a stable economy, and a fresh start with map and wars. Thank you.

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They are talking about doing that. They will probably do that after they fix the territory system. With the way things are now the sweaties will just roll alts on the server and ruin that one too. Still nothing stopping bots and gold sellers either. The server would look just like the others in like two months.

This guy gets it.
Literally it’ll be a playground for the sweatiest players on the entire game and be more toxic than anything you’ve ever experienced yet.

It would not work out in the fair peaceful fun way you think it will.

Fixing the territory system is the only way buddy.

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