Please open barri! let us join friends! EDIT: BARRI IS UNLOCKED

@Aenwyn @Kay @Sersei @Chardis
I just would like to understand why Barri and Nysa are the only servers remaining locked worldwide?
No more queue for days, barely 2000 players at max on Saturday evening.
It’s time, please at least let new comers to the game create their very first character there =) Thanks.


yeah i think same, i feel really depressed when i login into new world, for multiple reasons, the first one is i cannot join my friends on barri and i live in a dead server, second one is mage dps fire ice ( main class since day 1 it’s off meta since last february with no buffs, or even an answer in dev update or forum) , 3d and last reason is high mutation coz im pvp player and rewards are poor in pvp.

right now im in the server, 0 opr, 0 arena, 0 elite, dead server. i cannot play. trade shop is at insane level coz no pop means no resources, no buyers , no sellers. they need to merge legacy fast or OPEN BARRI.


@Chardis @Sersei @Aenwyn @Luxendra please open barri!




another day with barri down, but still locked. Another day of 8x dead servers under 1k at peak and 3 with decent daily content , then 3 good during peak time. Fresh servers are full while legacy being left behind with no merge and locked servers. UNLOCK BARRI


Let’s stay united my friend, Nysa is in the same boat ^^
I have some friends who bought the game but never played it. Cause they’re waiting for Nysa to open, so they can join our group of irl friends. It’s very frustrating for all of us.

@AGS I guess you have an automated system which locks/unlocks servers. I think you should make it way more reactive to avoid the frustration of your player base.
Idk, something like 1 day with queue > 500 → server locked. 2~3 days without queue → server unlocked.
And unbind from server inactive characters for 3 months, but no restriction when they return and want to chose a server (exactly what you did after some merges).

But while waiting for this, please unlock Nysa and Barri, thanks :slight_smile:


They should add an invite-only stage to servers…

u n l o c k

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Cross server is urgent aswell. We are legacy players we played the game for a year and now they act like this. We can’t play and enjoy the game with no activity available.

why u wanna open all servers, u can play on all servers in same time? bot?

FSS kill legacy servers, and blocking will help to do this, unlock legacy servers.

unlock to barri pls

open barri #3


Don’t understand why Barri is still closed



It’s bullshit, because they put again 3 days cooldown on whole account, just because my other character was on server which they merged yesterday…


It’s a fcuking joke.

Sad… hope they don’t close it fast

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