Please open closed servers

Except for Nysa, all servers do not reach maximum population. My friends who are back in the game want to come to the server I’m on, but can’t. Pls open closed servers.


They need to stop locking servers, said this shit for ages.


I know they do this to fill newly opened servers but I’m happy with my server and my friends can’t come

Ye it’s so stupid and infuriating. Most of EU servers are emptish for the vast majority of the day. But because of PEAK hours which is like 1-2h A DAY we have to keep servers quite dead and empty shells for the rest of the day. What a freaking joke.
I can’t play with friends cause we’re forced to go on a 500population peak server.
Literally idk why I even try to like this game, or rather the company

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Hello @ulotrix.fx and thank you @Bankai90000 and @Player01 for your input,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues moving servers. Here are the basic things you need to have complied with in order to be able to do so:

  • You must be in a Sanctuary.
  • You cannot be part of a company when transferring.
  • Cannot have active Trading Post transactions.
  • Cannot own any houses.
  • Must be at least level 25.

Please note, if you comply with all of the above and the issue is still ongoing, some servers are presently unavailable for transfers as they are either full or not accepting transfers (locked). You can try moving to a different server with availability or wait on the server to become available with no specific time frame for when this may happen. You can check on the server status here.

As a side note, we have added new servers:

Best of lucks and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

I’ve got to be honest @Fenrirskoll , your post make not much sense considering that you write:

“Please note, if you comply with all of the above and the issue is still ongoing, some servers are presently unavailable for transfers as they are either full or not accepting transfers (locked).”

That is precisely what this post is about, that they can’t because everything except the newly created servers are open.

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Hello @Darkzler,

Thank you for your feedback. Note the alternative in that scenario is to either wait on an opening or move to an available server. Unfortunately, opening or unlocking servers is not something we can do just based upon request.

We are aware how some players may want to move and our devs are working on other better solutions.

See you in Aeternum! :wolf:

i hope this solution comes before the update , because i don’t know if my friends can wait that much to play the game together , same as many other people that want to return , you are preventing people to come back


Please unlock Maramma. My friends and I started up this past week, the server locked on thursday right when 3 people were logging in to transfer. PLEASE

Please dont…in fact lock them all and force returning new players to the new servers.

Hello @2GramDabs and @Sonickat,

Thank you for your input on this topic but please bear in mind what I mentioned in my last post:

Good luck and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

The servers got unlocked last night! not sure if you putting in the word helped or not, but thank you!!!


I tried today and El Dorado is still closed and via that webpage all of the worlds are closed except the new ones. I do hope they reopen them after the rollout of Brimstone Sands and the fresh start server.

I wish I’d seen that web page before I did it. I just spent 15 dollars to end up in the same situation I left…no friends to enjoy playing the game with.

Yo i totally understand that they dont open old servers because they merged from like 5-10 servers before into one… The players who return will flood the shit out of those, wo its smart to wait until Brimstone sands…

However … Fae for example is a new created server. That means no returning players at all… The number of players is falling every day. Why do they keep fae locked?

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for your feedback and input, however this thread has gone out of the support scope, for any information regarding this topic please refer to the post made by @Fenrirskoll

Feel free to start a discussion on the general discussion category and any further feedback can be provided in the feedback category:

Thank you!


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