Please open fae again

a lot of companies are mid trans to fae and the server just closed. please open it up so everyone can join their companies. theres now 3 big comps being screwed by the closing of the server.

They will not… Fae is full of people. New server coming tomorrow.

they should put a warning before you trans. now 3 comps are split. that cant be their intention.

bad devs = bad decisions :slight_smile:

not sure about that. of course the queues have to be as short as possible but i dont think force splitting comps is the way to go about it. i just hope they take this into account and announce a shirt window where people can trans and reunite with their friends.

My boyfriend transferred earlier than me, now we are split up. So may go Asgard now I guess instead of Fae :frowning:

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i canot play since 8 Days,i dont olay when the komp is splitted ,the devs killing this game again…

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