Please play your own game

I find that most games where the developers actually play are usually successful and tend to display a little balance through the interaction with the entity or other players.

The more I play the game, the less I actually want to play. I think I am one of many who say they want the July patch sooner rather than later. However, I think there needs to be balancing more than once a month. This is what ultimately kills the game. You can balance game breaking things in days but you can’t balance a part of a weapon in the same amount of time?

I also find some of the changes being made weird or not relevant at all. I implore you have somebody who tests the game, like actually tests the game, and plays the game on the live patch. I mean this is kind of what the forums are, you get a bunch of ideas of what is balanced and what isn’t.

Even though you hear what’s unbalanced until you actually experience what it is like in game, you won’t be able to ever envision how you want your game to play. It is ultimately your game AGS studio. I assume you want class balance and a ton of different ways to play the game while still having balance and others enjoying it.

The rapid decline in player base, I believe is a testament to show how much you truly care about the game. Most of the people leaving have one, never tried full scale war, or do not enjoy the game in it’s current state. This game is like an ex that you hate cause she’s a bih, but you want to love her. New World the game treats me like shi, but I want to love it still.

I feel like the forums need to be crafted in a way were showing what’s broken in an easier way for you guys. And then we need people who actually play live patch in ags to play the game and experience why people say it is broken or not broken.

I only say this because, as I mentioned previously, I want to love the game.

A side note: Change the LoS on heals. What the heck were one of you guys thinking implementing that. You literally ruin attackers chances dramatically in a war because of LoS. Or keep LoS and make it more manageable. A tree with a width of two inches causes me to not be able to heal. WTF

Peace and Love,
Your wannabe lover Cheeser


I mean the most recent interview made it sound like they definitely do.

They do play. They just dont play at a high level like gamers do.

To be fair… on most interviews it sounds like they heard how the game plays from someone who plays the game how its played and had to speak of the game as they played it. Almost how my GF would talk of the game by watching me play the game over my shoulder.

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I would never expect them to. We have players here with 2,000 hours of playtime behind them to get as good as they are now and if the dev team had 2,000 hours of game time well…we wouldn’t have a game. :wink:


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