PLEASE PLEASE do something about LUCK and the loot system

I know the devs have said several times that they’ve tested the luck system and it’s working as intended, but after months of testing and discussions with dozens of other heavy duty players, I can categorically say the devs are wrong.

There are a couple of issues we’re aware of. Both are very difficult to accurately and scientifically test as a player, however they absolutely exist.

The first issue seems to occur when players have higher levels of luck. At some point, when total luck exceeds some value, our guess is that either the luck value is somehow rolled over back to zero, or subsequent loot calculations using that value are somehow broken which cause loot dropped to be equal to someone with very low luck. In particular, luck food seems to trigger this in almost every situation. It also seems to happen a lot when three major loot luck trophies are in use. It’s relatively easy to experience this issue though. Simply have three major trophies, luck on all your armor and bags, pearls, and consume a luck food of some kind. Then do a chest run. The results speak for themselves.

The second issue is a problem whereby drops from mobs stop completely for a player, and the only way to correct this is to log out of the server and log back in again. This is very easy to test, and happens often when farming a particular boss over and over again. We know it’s a bug because it happens even when only a single player is farming a particular boss. Eventually, sometimes quickly and sometimes after a long while, the boss will stop dropping any bags at all. When a player relogs, suddenly the bags will start dropping again.

One solution to the first problem, or at least to helping your community understand the problem, is so very simple. PLEASE add an indicator somewhere for a player’s current total luck, and ENSURE that that number is used in your loot calculations. It’s very difficult to understand, given the importance of the luck and loot system to all players, and the constant complaints of problems with luck, why this hasn’t already been implemented. It would seem the simplest of tasks.

The solution to the second problem, or at least the devs being able to identify it, doesn’t seem like a difficult task either. Simply have them play on some live servers and farm some bosses. It won’t take long to experience this issue.

Thank you for your time.


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show the data that formed the basis for this assumption

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