Please please dont mess this up

Im excited for mutations but please when you introduce new expeditions can you make them longer/more interactive etc… starstone was designed really good and back when i first did that dungeon my group had never done it before so it was really fun/interesting trying to figure out how to get past the lazers and where to go next etc. The dynasty shipyard has some fun boss fights aswell (minus the sword guy you just nuke)

Maybe have different types of expeditions like you have different types of breaches. Maybe 3-4 bosses are minor expeditions and major expeditions are 5-6 bosses.

Btw i hope all the dungeons can be mutations because just having gen and laz mutations is gonna feel like shit. We have spammed these same expeditions so much would be nice to have more variety thn just 2 expeditions


I think all of them will have weekly mutations and I THINK that they will scale to 60 so you can get endgame stuff. So you either do it normally and the normal level of the dungeon applies or you do it as a mutation and it scales to 60 with mutation included. If not that would suck. That’s how I understood it anyway.

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I mean thats how i assume it would work but thn again cant really assume with new world lol

They did a video just before December update that explained them. I don’t remember exactly what they said but that was the takeaway I got.

Yeah i saw the video i just hope that there idea of a mutation isnt giving me perma blight throught gen or somthing like that lol

Imagine! That would actually suck

Prob wont hear anything until this event thats been draging bad ends on the 11th

The winter event was fun the first couple of days. But after completing all the quests picking up presents got rather boring and the trees.

Yes because there really isnt anything to do in the event if you think about it lol it had enough content for a week if even that long

Who’s we?

Games dead bros. And you plebians left don’t even get the sympathy of being a legitimate fan like the Fallout76 hangers on. They had the whole franchise fan boy thing going for them, even if the game was shit and they were dumb.

Ya’ll don’t even get that modicum of dignity or respect or what have you. You’re shilling for a shitty game from a global conglomerate that will always put money over fun. Will always put things too force you to take longer to do things rather than make them accessible.

AGS is making a Western MMO styled after chinese gatcha games, and you’re all sticking it in your rectums like good little keister stashing convicts.

Him and them.

I ran gen once never laz. Oof for every who ran them :100: times just for mutations to come out so you can run them :100: more times!


People been running them for the expertise and the drops trying to get legendary not to mention you get shards that sell well

How many times can you use the same gif in your responses?

All the times.


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