Please Put All Changes in Patch Notes (Topaz Potion)

It looks like with the latest patch Topaz Potions no longer persist through logout.

For a 2 hour duration potion that you can only craft once a day this seems a little stupid.

Either this was not intended or it was and someone thought it was adequately covered under the “Fixed some food items” line.


It definitely should persist through logout….
They should not change it (or revert this ptr change).

AGS - remember we are all playing a game that disconnects, lags and riddle with bugs for which we often have to relog to fix issues and performance.


It is not a ptr change. It is on the live servers after the patch this week.

Yeah you can no longer use it at the end of the day and then start of next day.

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I just relogged with a topaz potion and it persisted through a quick logout. Do other buffs work? Have you checked your system clock?

It happens that I consume topaz potion did 2 Lazarus and call it a day. Then tomorrow I did another laz guess what I still had topaz potion buff and got the next day gypsum.

Bumping this because this was a BS change. If you keep a 24 hour limit on making a single potion there is no way it should disappear when offline. If you remove the once every 24 hour cool down on making them, then this change wouldn’t be so bad. But just leave it like it was. Literally no one asked for or wanted this. There was no reason for the change. And yet AGS thinks it can just sneak it in there undocumented.

Bump - Don’t understand why this was changed/what the logic for this take-away. being able to resume with time left from previous day - was helpful to myself, and others I know, that can only play for limited amounts of time each day

Honestly, I’m hoping this was another instance of ‘oops, we broke it’ rather than a stealth nerf. There’s absolutely no reason at all for this not to persist. Food buffs, I get, this, not so much.

If we’re being brutally honest, all consumables buffs should have a minimum 1 hour ‘grace period’ on logout. As was mentioned before, disconnects happen. System crashes happen. Life happens. Hell, shit happens. This would allow folks to log back in again in the event of a crash/minor outage, etc… without being penalized harshly for something they have no control over.

The Topaz potion should absolutely not expire immediately on logout. We can only make one a day, and the mats can be a touch difficult and/or spendy to come by on a busy server.

happens after the 5min logout, when ur character leaves the world

Hey, just a thought, has anyone confirmed it happened to them other than over the patch night? I ask because I know one of the things the patch addressed was the ‘bug’ with the turkey trophy where you could extend food buffs for days or weeks.

One of my company mates tested it by having like 1000 days for a food buff. When he logged back in after patch, it was gone. So maybe AGS just killed all buffs over the patch night so as to reset the food buffs and topaz buffs got collateral damage?

It’s cuz people abused it. Using it before reset, logout and using it again next day after login. So used 1 Topaz Potion to get rewards for 2 days.

AGS really needs to step up their patch game.

Quick fix is not and quick fix if by fixing 1 thing you break 3 other things that work on the same mechanic. Its not first time we see this and its getting rather unprofessional at this state when people are scared of hotfixes that break more than they fix. We are getting these unintentional broken fixes with each patch by now and it always takes AGS more than 2 weeks to refix the things they broke with these quickfixes.
This seems to because they tried to fix 1000+ day buff bug that came with new trophy. Very poorly executed by AGS devs to fix this issue.

It “could” be a mistake also. Have you asked the Devs about it? IE - Put in a trouble ticket / feedback item / etc about it?

It seems to have been a mistake that is being fixed with the update tonight.


See? Just an “oops” :slight_smile:

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