Please Put the message on login screen that stuff is disabled again

As title says there was a msg yesterday on the ‘continue’ button that said AH was disabled please please replace it again sooo many people can we trade yet? is AH up etc etc lol


You are looking for this communication :wink:


I’m pretty sure your answer misses the point that your community has to go and find this communication regarding important in-game issues opposed to being made aware of experience altering adjustments where the majority of your players will be experiencing these issues…IN-GAME. Your twitter responses are days apart with minimal information given and forums like this here are outdated in terms of information circulation. Just the 2 cents of a equally frustrated customer regarding your out of touch responses.


nope im not im looking for the info on the front of the game like it was there last night … saying AH is disabled untill further notice … i was asking for that to be re-enabled :slight_smile: but thanks for the heads up

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Posting consistent updates on the forums all day for the last 2 weeks. Like what more do you want? They dont owe us anything. You spent 40$ on the game. You get what you got. Now get over it and let them fix the game in peace without crybabies like you typing on the internet mad at them over literally nothing.


Imagine reading what was written and thinking that response would be validated. “You get what you got” Yeah we all paid real money for a real broken game. I’m not going to apologize for holding PAID Community managers accountable for their lack of comprehension when their JOB is to communicate with the PAYING CUSTOMERS. I’m sorry you feel that people should be allowed to offer lackluster responses and feel as if that should be accepted. So no I will not “Stop crying bro”.

And incase you’re so uneducated, the person I’m writing to has zero to do with development and their time to respond takes nothing away from actual development. Cute response though.

You do realize this response doesn’t actually address the issue right?!

Layman’s Terms: There should be a notification of things being disable at the login screen so player don’t need to go SEARCHING for IMPORTANT info. Thanks for playing!


Seems a bit early to re-enable trading. You surely haven’t had time to scrub this level of duped gold and items. I looked on one of the major gold reseller sites just now and there’s over a trillion gold listed for sale still, from a single reseller. What exactly is the point of running the economy in a state like this? Ironman mode is working better for the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

i 100% agree with this, they need to start using their Twitter account when it comes to this kind of stuff

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No thanks some people refuse the waste of social media. having to come to a forum is degradation enough, when they have a way to display IMPORTANT info at login.


ok … crying? no he isnt what ‘I’ asked was simple - yet i can appreciate the CM cannot do anything about it but pass it up the chain - HOWEVER yesterday when i logged in on the screen that has all patch info / store new releases the one that has the CONTINUE button before character selection HAD a message telling people that the AH / trades where disabled thus making it dead easy for ANYONE that read it to know that ‘omg is the AH STILL down?’ questions didnt need to be asked in every other line of txt in chat. BUT the reply was a link to the downtime inc really soon which was informative BUT had ZERO todo with my question - which was pretty clear and concise.

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they were quite good at useing it a week ago seems to have slacked off a bit with this problem but hey ho cant win em all :slight_smile:

Twitter has far gone the identity of a social media platform and is considered a news outlet in most cases. So yes, Twitter would be the correct place with this type of communication IF we are to consider things outside the game that is… my point stands that all relevant information to the game should be located within the game or linked to from inside the game i.e their message board or their notification overlays (that desperately need “Enable/Disable” functions.

I agree that they need to use Twitter and other platforms for this, even if it means to create a second twitter account.

Although i also agree with the last guy that told you to stop crying. The devs are doing the best they can, and the fact they have people like you and many others that i have seen just straight hammering them over shit like this is bull… what more information do you need then a pup-up right above the login button that tells you what’s disabled ? it stated what was turned off and why. simple.

But AGS please make a second twitter account like “NW Help” that posts constant updates for the player to easily access

Your solution to relay info is to use a complete different platform that requires an account to view it. again No Thanks.

I appreciate your input however you obviously missed that your second point is exactly the issue we are discussing. Take a second to re-read if you need to.

See above…

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I’m going to be honest with you man, you’ve worded the whole thread weirdly and i still don’t understand what you’re asking for. Are you asking that there is a message put on the continue button (Cause there is) or is it that the info is put somewhere else (Cause it is, you got it linked to you. What are you actually asking for ?

how is that an issue when there is currently pop up explaining this ? this whole thread is a joke and unclear whats being asked