Please re-structure the war participation system

The issue: I participated in wars in previous server, at lower lvl, then due to the playerbase decline I had to move to a different server where I no longer can participate in wars as only lvl 60 players are being chosen by the leader board.

Suggestions for possible solutions:

  • teritory wars limited to the teritory lvl - for example if Cutlass Keys teritory is lvl 20-30, only level 20-30 players will be able to declare and perform war in that region. Reekwater - lvl 58-60, only lvl 58-60 or similar range (50-60) will be allowed to perform war in that level. And so on.

  • limit war participation to 1 per day or 2 per 5 days. Current system allows higher level players to participate in a few wars in a row which guarantees their win.

  • create a system of wars where if the winning company wants to declare a war in next territory in less than 2 days, they have to pay significantly increased fee for each next war. This addresses the issue of factions not being able to get any territory as the same company conquers all territories within hours. Hence many servers have 1 or max 2 colours on the map with continuously the same winning company. Additional interconnected issue: this system puts the third faction in a very bad position, with gameplay of the third faction players affected significantly as there are no rewards or support system in place for lower level players / factions (which, as direct result also is a cause for players quitting the game eventually).

Thank you.

You first point makes no sense.
Regarding the second point, a “war fatigue” is already being discussed.
The problem is real.

Could you be more specific please than “makes no sense”? As I do not know what exactly makes no sense?

I see.
How much sense do you see in locking specific territories to low level characters?
Would people keep deleting their characters to stay in the level range?
Would people just ignore them as new players numbers dwindle?

Please tell me how you foresee the wars for a territory that caps at lvl 30 to go in about 2 months.

Easy, when he’s a higher level he can just have them change it back so it works out for him lol.

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  1. I see it as a opportunity for lower level players to start taking part in wars, get a grasp of what wars look and feel like (watching the streams are not the same as actually participating in a war).
    This will increase the collaboration between lower lvls and higher levels, let me give you the example from my previous server I started playing NW on, because lower level players were allowed there into wars, the higher level players would help them on a regular basis and offer help in levelling up etc. This creates a positive collaboration culture. In the current server, lvl 60 players barely ever speak to lower levels and exclude them from wars. Of course this may not be a case for your server.

  2. I doubt every player on lvl 60 would create or delete their character each time as it would be an exhausting process. Not mentioning risking ban from the game for cheating.

  3. Not sure what you mean about people ignoring them (I assume ignoring the wars?) - I doubt they would, if only, it would make the server dynamics more interesting because lower levels can often allow themselves a lot of improvisation and trying new techniques - which then, if successful, can be used by higher levels, so I see this system benefitting both groups.

I foresee the wars at lvl 30 to go for 2 months just fine, could even be treated as a testing wars grounds, intro to the wars, call it however you want.

Someone pointed out in a separate post that each solution in this case will cause multiple issues, so I am aware it is not an easy fix and that possibly the best solution will be to leave the current system for now. However I had this idea based on my first server wars experience and I wanted to share it separately.

I cannot express how much I disagree with your point of view.
Try reading your own post. Then let it sink in. And see if it makes sense for you.

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Sounds like it

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Disagree with first part.

With only 2k server cap and no alts, eventually, there will be no wars in lower level locations or not enough lower levels to do it.

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