Please reactivate the Trading Post

It’s been 2 days now and no relief. Can’t do many things because I just started the game a couple of weeks ago. Dependent on trade. My storage is full, can’t sell it. DO SOMETHING!

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Has there been any updates on when it should come back up?

Salvage, salvage, salvage, craft, craft, craft…

I myself HATE that their solution is to disable trading all together.
But if your storage is full, then opening AH won’t fix that.

You have to salvage the gear you don’t use, there are no merchants.
And the raw material you can just craft with it.

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They won’t until the problems are fixed. Farm, refine, and craft.

Last time this happened I salvaged Battles Embrace Quest rewards…only to find that I was supposed to keep them for another quest line


Just take a break. At this point you’re fighting against the game to play the game. It’s what I did, at least.

Huh weird, my second week in I was still crafting and using materials, not sitting on them. Very little stuff had to go up on the Trading Post because it ALL has a use that doesn’t involve trading.

last time this happened trading post wasn’t re-enabled till a patch, so im assuming that’s when it’ll come back…


The issue is efficiency - I’m trying to hit 200 smelting - I need to fast travel to get to the rare stuff. Normally I’d gather all sorts of stuff, and sell what I didn’t need to buy stuff that didnt drop (eg fibers sold, buys flux).

So I’ve ended up almost of Azoth at this point - and the world is so broken, there are no wars, there’s no players for Outpost Rush - I wait an hour yesterday while I was gathering and the queue hovered at 20 ± 5 and I ended up logging off.

I just did what my GM did, and downloaded WoW Classic… after swearing off WOW 5 years ago.

I don’t know what AGS can do at this point - what was a bustling server 2 days ago is now a ghost town.

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I agree the trading post needs to me reactivated ASAP. This is silly Amazon.

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opening the AH WILL fix it. You can list things for sale and POOF they are no longer in your storage. Not everyone collects to use the items. They collect them to sell them and buy other stuff they need. It is called a trade economy and for you to blatantly suggest that opening the AH would not solve the problem or that having it closes for DAYS is not a huge problem, you must be willfully blind… or a troll.

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When they patch the exploit, they will…

They said they perma-banned the dupers. Problem should be solved. And if more dupers rise up. Perma-ban them as well. Don’t cripple the economy of the whole game. Or wait wait, disable houses because the dupe revolves around being in your house. Hmm there is a solution!

“I started the game acouple of weeks ago” i take assumption that the OP is not max lvl, meaning he is collecting items that are worthless to most people unless they are pure items like full INT items of STR items or something similar.

If his Storage/storages are full already, then that means he is stacking up WAY more than just pure items, so he is then just gonna fill AH with a bunch of trash items, which will then how fix the problem?
Also isn’t there like an item limit to how much you can post? i thought you had like a 10-20 item limit on the AH if they ain’t stacking.
So another problem then for a FULL storage.

Trading post will be back up and running Soon™.

100 individual sales orders can be active at once.

I hit level 60 today. It’s not rocket science to level up.

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