Please reconsider poison shot animation cancel change on the PTR

Currently on live servers poison shot can be used to animation cancel the end part of your hipfire basic attack. First you hipfire, then as soon as the hipfire arrow shoots you nock a poison shot arrow and then immediately cancel it with dodge. This cuts the time in which it takes for you to be able to dodge after a hipfire, something like 40% off the time after your hipfire shoots and when your able to dodge again.

This is the best way to maintain your momentum while kiting and attacking a melee player, or chasing someone. And it is an advanced niche mechanic that I don’t see a lot of bow players using, but is effective in some situations for the players who are able to.

The PTR has removed this functionality from poison shot. And poison shot no longer provides a short speed boost, which is what lead me to believe this was an intended function.

The bow changes from the last few patches feels like they are being made by someone who does not understand bow or what makes it fun. Challenging and mechanically difficult aspects to the bow are what bow players want, and is a major part of why we chose bow in the first place.

You guys need to give players more time to learn mechanics like these before you declare them clunky or bad or unused. The game has been out for 2 months and every patch there is major changes to core bow mechanics. This is like if Psyonix had removed flip reseting off the ball in rocket league 3 months into their games release. No one could flip reset most players couldn’t even fly around at that point. And if they had rocket league would have lost part of what makes that game great now.

Please reconsider this change. Stop removing the harder to use animation cancels.

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