Please reconsider which servers to character creation lock

My son started new world on day of launch and he played up to level 16 on castle of steel which became a high queue server
When I could join I created a character on tugley wood which even on prime time had a small queue which lasted about 10 minutes maximum but was not even full few days ago and got to level 20
Yesterday my son was able to play again and he went to create a character on tugley wood and it was character creation blocked!
While I get it that a temporary fix ,but surely someone should manually look at which servers to character lock not a server which barely gets a queue on prime time
We are both fed up of starting again
Yes some would say should have started same time but factors in life meant we could not
So we took the hit from castle of steel but we are not willing to do it again a third time and there is no reason a server like tugley wood should be blocked
Please remove the block at least from servers with a small queue

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