Please Reduce Faction Swap Cooldown

In the upcoming April Bug and Balance Update, it has been announced that Paid and Regional Transfers will be available (Transfer FAQ). Please make it so that you have to rechoose your faction upon transferring. This will help with faction balance on the servers. The cooldown afterwards should also be reduced. The 60 day cooldown is far too long. Think about if someone just transferred, they get into the server and choose a faction. Since they can’t choose the one that holds the most territory they only have two options. However, it doesn’t take long for a company to take over multiple territories and make their faction the leading faction. Therefore, to allow players to be on the faction with their friends and further ensure faction balance the cooldown needs to be at most a month and at least a week. If this were the case then switching factions should not reduce your reputation.

Please AGS, this is a much need and amazing QoL change especially after the paid and regional transfers feature.

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Bump since azoth for fast travel doesnt matter anymore why is there still a faction swap cd most people that remain are PVP frogs and we would gladly switch factions to the weakest faction to get more land

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Also please add 14-30days cd on changing companies. So we could end stupid idea of proxy companies.

Should be 1 week cooldown

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Hey carebears, why not abolishing Factions after all ? silly community ahahha
Company only wouldn t be better right ?

It will just encourage more elite players with their tiny company

What a bunch of garbage on this New World Forum

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