Please release a patch next week to address issues

With this patch I found that a lot of the bugs reported on the Bug Reporting topic is actually game breaking.

As well some of the life improvement changes, as the Umbral on OPR and “PVP gear” boxes have need to be reconsidered too… Items with Spear perks and Focus attributes should be not a thing for example, and 50 Umbral for a 30 minute task may be worth for GS 600 players, but not interesting for GS 615+.

The fact that PVP players are now being able to farm umbral, but they are in confront with PVE player already on GS 625, the difference (Most on the damage output) is too high and devastating. (A musket can hit for 90% of a “low gs” player, if the musketer has 625 GS)

The new Gravity Well is basically a new Petrifying Scream with Ice Shower rollback. There is no way to get away from it, even if using escape spells at the start of the animation you will be grabbed soon after by the rollback.

There is a lot of reports of aimbots on OPR as well, it is been dated from the launch that were softwares able to bypass the anticheat system, and there was being announcements recently on game forums about they… more and more videos are coming from “god like musketers” wenting 25-0, 50-0, headshoting people that are on the back of rocks.

Why I asking for a quick patch, or maybe some quick patches (maybe one peer week)

  • I don’t think the game will survive another leave of players in the next weeks… Personally my Guild is breaking down more and more, and even on the most popular server of the region we are starting seem a big drop on players.

As more and more people are leaving, communities will be break and then a cascade effect will remove the last interested players, most of them moving along with their friends to play-along on new games.

Probably a percent will come back with new weapon releases, but if the system stay the same, it will be too painful to catch up.

Unfortunately I do see that the Development of New World went too far away from the start PVP oriented game, as it focused several months on PVE content the PVP was getting dated, and it is already boring to do, I personaly since merge never played a War, so the only way to PVP is Outpost Rush or try to find someone flagged on the World.

I thinking unfortunately I asking too much of a new game and a company that is starting on the game development scene, probably as the years goes the game will get alot better… but as this time don’t come more and more players will suffer in this currently system and be parting away.

See your guys next-patch, hope we got good news… Cya

March comes with a new expedition 5 man with required gear score of 550. Included is a new weapon blunderbuss with gap closing abilities and explosives! Possibly the new area brimstone sands with more mob diversity then plant, skeleton, pigs, wolves, bear, humanoids

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So no PVP content

Dont think they made mention of any PVP content lol

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Hang on, are you really asking for one week sprints here? If so, thanks but no thanks…because if you want patches to create more bugs that then need more patches then this is how you make the situation worse, not better.

It is not the week sprints that create more bugs, it is the quality of coding

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