Please release a seasonal gamemode :)

I Enjoyed the months I spent playing on release but the idea of returning to my dead server without my friends, or starting fresh on a higher pop server and having to grind alone all over again, is a strong enough deterrent to keep me from clicking the download button any time soon. I think this sentiment is shared with a majority of the hundreds of thousands who can't find the motive to return to new world. 

I believe that a seasonal server set would be a very effective tool to combat this. A fresh economy, competing with others in your server set to achieve worlds firsts is something that this game will never be able to provide its player base again in the current state. It doesn't even have to be traditionally seasonal it could just be an annual event that runs for a few months or once every few months with a shorter run-time with boosted xp/drop rates. The best part about seasonal gameplay is devs can play with new concepts without worrying about dismantling the current meta/economy of the main game.

Obviously I'm only able to provide feedback based on my personal preferences but it would be interesting to see what additional features/guidelines the community and team could contribute to make a fresh new world experience a few times a year. It would help the longevity of the game tremendously to have a reason for new players to join or old players to return every few months to see what the game has to offer this time around. 

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this have a good day :)
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