Please remove friendly to friendly collision


Please remove friendly collision (including friendlies blocking ranged projectiles), here is why:

  1. When trying to get credit for a kill such as a corrupted zone or quest target sometimes all you can do is get in 1 melee attack and you can sheathe the weapon to walk through others only to unsheathe the weapon and try to attack and then its either already dead by then (after the animation) or you collide again with another player.

  2. “Friendlies” will grief doorways, which is very frustrating.

  3. In PvP, the game appears to really gravitate towards closing distance and then having a melee death ball. When doing so, you engage in close quarters combat against other players and bouncing off of friendlies when trying to dodge/roll making the dodge/roll cut short really makes opting for light or medium armor a wash when it comes to the movement advantages.

I understand the need for collision against enemies and players, when it comes to guarding a territory and trying to make a shield wall of example to block an entrance. I’d ask to remove friendly collision for now and then take a look at it from there.

Thanks for reading!

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Agree. The collision in dungeons is also very annoying. You inadvertently get backed against the wall and then you can’t move. Collision isn’t necessary for PvE. I’ll let the PvPers comment on that side of the game.

But… But then i cant lock my boyfriend in that house with that elite mob spawning…
In all seriousness tho, its weird that this is a thing.
Moving characters seem to not have that, i ran through so many people on that bridge with the soulwarden, and then got stuck to that one guy checking his inventory…

Door Stuck

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