Please remove grit form basic attacks before it too late

Ive already been listening too the low skill meta sweat lord war loggers And now thier all most likley going to run 300 con. This is going to lead to same problem with pvp we had . It was the Biggest problem with pvp thier ever was.

Now then same dummys who were playing bruiser builds. will be sitting in the clump swinging for no reason other than to negate almost every skill anyones hitting them with. Thier players models are not even interacting at that point . Its is per nonsense and it needs to stop Please get rid of this, because it going to kill diversity all over again

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Sounds like you only want range dps in the game which doesnt sound like build diversity. I think you will find that the “sweat lord war loggers” are some of the best players in the game. They understand the game mechanics incredibly well and how group combat works. If you really think that removing grit from the game is going to somehow raise the skill cap and open up the room for diversity you are mistaken.


I dont play ranged ive always play dex meele. And were playing to diffrenet games when it came to str meele. I cant explain to you how frustrating it is when you hitting somebody over and over. They dont dodge or block thier just swinging in the air missing you. All while your sweeping them, javing them with spear. And nothing happens. And your left with all your skills just being wasted and they were just left clicking the whole time. Its the dumbest thing ever

Strength builds excel at close range combat because thats all they have. Dex melee is more about mobility and single target. You have more dodges, so you should be able to dodge most of their attacks. You shouldnt be losing to a medium bruiser with a spear/gs or spear/rapier even on live. The grit is there so the strength users arent perma stunlocked and perma staggered. Go duel a bruiser on ptr see how broken dex melee is when 300 strength weapons dont have grit.

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They shouldn’t make changes because you can’t handle players with grit. Grit is is super easy to deal with. I don’t even play a weapon combo with any grit at all, I got 0 issues fighting vs players with perma grit.

Also youre relying on knockdowns to get an advantage on your oppenent which theres literally 0 counterplay to. If your opponent has grit you should be opening with a stun into a knockdown.

Yea your relying on the skill to do what its balanced for. Duh. You could take the knockdowns away and just buff the damage. Thats how the skill works dude those knockdown skills do like no damage or shiled bash for example . Its the second part of the combo that does the damage. Thier no counter play because you got hit in the frist place. . You got hit, you pay its that simple . If i get stunned and comboed by a warhammer i realize my mistake i dont just get to do whatever i want.

But if im playing hachet i can just weapon swap and beserk out. So thier is no consistency to anything in pvp. Valut kick stops working after 4 freedom becoming almost useless.

Could you imagine a fighting game like this ? It would fail immediately. You HAVE to have consistency for the skill gap and to actually get better at playing your build.

Then they would have to nerf 150 dex perk if you want a fair fight lmao

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