PLEASE remove luck from equipped gear

Try not to complain much, I love the game…but this…ugh

We have so many item sets as it is. Especially if you want to run a couple different roles. (Roles being the mutiple types of DPS, Tank, and Healer)

RNG rolls are a fickle insert word here as it is. Trying to roll gear with decent pvp perks, becomes frustrating.

Then trying to get gear that lets you maximize your luck and weapon loadout, gets old. Not only that, but using shards for mutators for the multiple sets of gear. This adds to the grind even more. Something that LOTS of players complain about.

You also often have players using subpar gear in dungeons, to maximize their luck potential.

Get rid of luck off of armor, jewlery, and weapons. Improve the luck potential on the trophys to make up for it. Current luck perks, surely you can implement something that rerolls them automatically.

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