Please remove PvE bonuses from Flagged PvP

PvPers should be given PvP awards (like Azoth salt or territory influence). No amount of PvE bonus should be used to incentivize PvP gameplay. PvE rewards are nice, but its not related to PvP.

We should have PvP bonuses for PvP content. Reward us PvPers properly for doing what we love doing – PvP!

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Who cares, players rarely flag for the bonuses at this point.

Bonuses aren’t worth it to most.

Need to be able to get shards randomly while flagged, like it does with Azoth salt.

1k random shards for being flagged while gathering plz.

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Clearly OP you don’t understand the purpose of the luck benefits of being PVP flagged.

The players who are flagged PVP need pvp gear and that means likely not having gathering luck on it. So the benefits of the buff replace their baseline gear. As a PVE player you can get the same luck by just wearing your gear and not flagging. Having both doesn’t provide any huge noticeable difference.

Players that PVP need resources to craft too. Fighting over those while flagged makes a lot of sense and is an avenue of game play.

I don’t even PVP and it makes sense to me.

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