Please remove refreshing toast perk from the game

It breaks pvp so hard. People just run in groups running this stupid perk and spam potions like candy the moment you get them to 50%, just delete it.

Counter argument:

Please don’t remove it. :sweat_smile: :pleading_face:


the only people that want it to stay are the ones who need to crutch with it to have any success in pvp whatsoever

Counter argument:

The only people who complain are those who can’t CC/stun strategically or have too low damage output to finish someone off before they can drink a potion.

(Seriously though, I’m not trying to be toxic. I don’t agree that this is game-breaking, sorry. It’s a good perk, for sure.)


I mean AGS keeps nerfing my build 20 times so yeah I agree. And the problem isnt entirely the perk, it’s because the base potion CD is way too low. 30 seconds is stupid, it should be 45-60s base.

What’s your build, out of curiosity?

Firestaff/rapier. Fs does such shit damage rn so anyone in resisted heavy armor with refreshing toast is almost invincible unless he’s solo

Please remove your post it breaks brain cells :smiley:

spamming potions every 20 seconds breaks braincells my dude

I’m a healer so I don’t chase the weapon meta, but it seems like you don’t have a good way to stun people with that build? You can catch up to them, but you don’t have a way to stop them from healing right? Might be worthwhile looking into a different build to give you more of an advantage in these situations. Otherwise, you might just have to settle for the fact that builds/weapons are going to have strengths and gaps/weaknesses. It’s unfortunate but not everything can be3 100% effective in every scenario. Think about what’s valuable to you + your playstyle and go with that!


I don’t care about healers. I care about 15k hp brutes that can spam unlimited potions every 20s because they’re bad at the game

To be fair, it’s primarily a PvP perk so I don’t really see an issue with it. Not saying it couldn’t use some tuning like adding an internal cooldown, but in principle it’s fine.

that’s why it’s an issue, well not really. Just from your pov. It just needs a nerf

Nah man , they need to add more perks like that

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like what exactly?

There are NPC’s that heal themselves annoyingly too… no reason to remove it

dude what…? the problem is in pvp not pve

Doesn’t matter it’s the same annoyance. Just work with it

if you’ve never pvp’d please don’t post about it lol

A chance. For double the effect of a pot when consumed for an example.