Please remove sheathe/swap cancel for movement speed

No, remove the delay when rolls/dodges end. It is super clunky and should never have been added.

Add stagger instead.

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Then we would just have people rolling every where they go, that would look about stupid.

thats what we already have

And it is stupid looking. There should just be a sprint option and the distance you can sprint is based on your weight of armor.

then people will just be sprinting… stop sprinting… sprinting… stop sprinting

Maybe you didn’t read everything I wrote?

maybe you don’t know what you wrote

Why can’t we block trolls on here?

somebody explaining that your idea won’t work = trolling

hahaha you are silly bro!!

Especially as players are using macros to do it apparently.

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Might aswell just delete light armor while you’re at it lol

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Or give us a real reason to use it.

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No, do NOT remove the animation cancel for dodge roll.

it doesn’t require a macro lol

remove lifestaff

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Look if they Would fix the Roll in general so you don;t need the Weapon swap / Sheathe Tactic…then fine… It;s just kinda weird that you ROLL come to a complete stop …stand up then start to run again…Like what is the idea behind it…

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“pvpers” in this game are so bad that they actually use this in towns also to get to places faster. Some even fail at it miserably. I get it but I mean…

This is the ONLY benefit to running light armor with low DPS weapons.

Take that away, and you’ll never see anyone with light armor, bows, and more.

is no one gonna talk about how this mans build is bow/firestaff :sweat_smile:

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