Please Remove the brutes from OPR

Hello, I’m trying to understand the meaning behind having to pve in a pvp gamemode. All we do in new world is farm, to finally obtain good gear so we can play PVP . Why is it that in the only pvp gamemode (you can’t spam wars all day so, it is the only pvp gamemode) you have to pve to win?
Even if I dont pve, someone else will and they will spawn 2 brutes in one place, and then it’s game over. The brutes will throw bolders from each side, inside the fort literally every second, you just can’t deal with it. If you try to kill it, you get killed by the enemy. If you do some good damage on it, but then die, it resets to full hp. I am frustrated, and I know that more players think like I do, so maybe with some feedback a new gamemode will be released faster where we can actually pvp and not pve to win.

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ummm your acting like Brutes are invincible and unkillable. Brutes get taken down all the time…

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Brutes get taken down all the time…


On my server, I dont think i’ve ever seen a brute die, how would anyone let you kill the brute. It’s not like they are watching you kill it


takes a decent group is all…

“PvE to win?” The person you highlighted got 4th. The person who got 3rd has a worse KDA than they do. Why are we complaining?

90% of the time you wont have a decent group, and , that’s besides the point. The point was why would you want pve in a pvp gamemode

The person on the 3rd is a healer :slight_smile: if you heal you are top 3

Well then give the whole picture. What was everyone else doing? Cause if everyone else got 1 kill (or less) and did nothing else this person deserves to be ranked higher than them.

As you can see im 9th with 13 kills


Bring a decent group with you. Problem solved.

You don’t like the PVE elements that AGS put into OPR, start your own game studio and make your own game. Problem solved.

Anything else I can help you with?

I see, you’re one of those guys from my screen shot. Its ok
I queue opr to play pvp, not to kill brutes
And this is what feedback is for, if you like killing mobs on a pvp gamemode, then sure, i can understand your comment, but im on the side where I would want to play pvp not pve.
And also, I can’t have 100% of the time a group with me, most of the time you will queue solo, as will everybody else.

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