Please remove the trophy cap in the house’s

I don’t see the reason for it and it’s really frustrating.


If I may expand on this - as I was actually thinking about posting this myself last night:

Let players put up one of each type of trophy in their houses and set which 5 will be active.

There could/should be a house UI element on the map where players can do this as well as pay housing tax and port to their houses.

This way players don’t need to port around to all of their houses to swap a trophy temporarily while they cook or craft and then port back to all of them after to swap them all back.

This has been brought up on several occasions. Here is the last one that I recall

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Greetings, Tengal as kaytrim has stated, there are multiple threads regarding this topic. I’ve sent the feedback previously over to the development team.

While I have sent it over previously, I’d love to hear your own thoughts on why this would be a great chance to Aeternum’s mechanics!

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No reason to have caps for trophies. Let them all free, or give us the chance for 4th house instead of 3.


Yes please. Would be a massive QoL boost. In spite of the fast travel cost changes it is still a meaningless waste of time to have to swap trophies in and out. Actually makes me care less about decorating a house when I have to regularly cluster bomb a wall with assorted trophies that I need for that specific bit of content in three different houses.


People with all professions like myself who craft alot / is a company crafter would have a super quality of life boost if we could use more trophies.
For me today theres nothing more annoying than running back and forth to each house almost every day to change the trophies because of the different crafts. Between the crafts i farm so then i need to switch to the gathering trophies again. Ontop of this the decoration system is very laggy, and i get kicked out from my own house 1-2 times before ive changed them. I dont see the reason why it would have to be like this.
And besides, the houses would look way more badass if you would be able to have all of the trophies showing :slight_smile:


The purpose behind having a limited set of trophies is to give players a choice as to what they are willing to sacrifice, and what they are willing to keep as far a bonuses go.

The problem, however, is that you really have 3 completely different activities that get bonuses from the trophies (PVE Mobs Combat + Luck, Gathering, and Crafting)…

So, players never really need to choose or make tradeoffs between what trophies they think are important to place, they have to go and place trophies whenever they want to switch game activities.

So switching game activities becomes a hassle because, say Im gathering hides from some boars and have my skinning/harvesting/beast bane/luck/angry earth trophies on the wall, and somebody in recruitment is like “hey, LF DPS for Sirens arena” → sounds great, just let me teleport to all three of my houses and swap out the trophies while everybody in the group waits for me to do that. Then, after sirens a company member is like hey, lets run this m8 laz. back to the houses again to swap around trophies so you can dps laz.

Oh, but wait, before you go, you want to make yourself some more con food for the group, so you gotta get the cooking trophies up but you forgot to ask that before your company got together so you got to go back to all your houses and put up the cooking trophies and make everybody some con food.

So in a 1.5 hour play session, you got 10 minutes of an arena in, 30 minutes of a dungeon, 30 minutes of boar farming, and 20 minutes of futzing around teleporting to your houses again and again to hassle with your trophies.


CMs and Players: “Great feedback!”

just kidding lol (or am I?)

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Its a quality of life thing. There are so many trophies and we have to travel to 3 different houses and take them down to put others up. If they want to keep the 5 limit per house then I think what would be reasonable quality of life would be to allow us to put up all of our trophies and just select from the UI which ones are active. This way we don’t have to keep taking them down and replacing them.

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