Please reopen Tritonis

Before someone comments otherwise, I am already in Tritonis server.

I am asking for the server to reopen to character creation as the lower level areas are barren, and those that have limited time playing are now left to do things on their own. Blessing in one way, but will make questing and getting groups for dungeons much harder.

Also, many of our community and friends cannot join our server, either through character creation or the yet-available transfers.

The server hasn’t been full or had a queue in a long time, and I think warrants someone to relook at the server’s population and evaluate it to reopen for new characters, otherwise it will die soon.

Hello, @NBroadsword !

Player feedback like yours helps us continue to improve our products and provide better gaming experience to our players. If you’d like to provide detailed feedback, please use our #game-feedback

For server transfer questions, check out the following thread:

We hope you have an amazing time adventuring through Aeternum!

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This doesn’t exactly answer the appeal of reopening the server for character creation but okay then.

That’s a great question! we don’t have more information yet as Dev Team’s continuing to work on Server Transfer features, and will have more information on how the system works when they release server transfers.

Make sure to follow our #official-news:official-news for updates!

Hope this helps!

Do we not just need a GM to unlock the locked servers? Seems simple enough.

My friends are on there too, so just waiting and basically playing solo. Seeing as the server is ‘full’ they can’t reopen as yet. Hoping with the server transfers, some may move to other servers and open up space. Have to wait and see.

It’s actually currently open (10/23)

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