Please reset Territory bonus choice due to Tax Changes on PTR

Housing tax is now max 1 percent.

Players who chose Housing Tax Reduction over Refining tax or Trade Tax Reduction are impacted by this change.

Please consider a one time Territory Bonus reset or, thinking forward a bit, possibly a Territory Bonus reset with a cooldown similar to the Faction change cooldown.


AGS has said before they were going to look into if they wanted to add a territory standing reset option in the future. As time goes on and more things get balanced and tweaked it’d make more sense, however with the absolute max of 300 you’d get most of every possible bonus with some planning.

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Is that true with Storage atm? Thought I heard different that it was select it or lose it.

Sauce be gaming made a youtube video after maxing two territories on PTR, they got the expected 1600 storage increase with about 40% for the other bonusses or they got 53% trading tax with 1100 storage.

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