✅ PLEASE RESPOND: New World Tuning Orb Poll (fixed)


I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion regarding Tuning Orbs and how the dungeon system differs from games like World of Warcraft where you can enter a dungeon either without any pre-requirement, after a one-time attunement, and/or with a lockout/reset timer.

With that in mind, I’ll leave out my personal opinion on the topic to not bias the results, but please fill out the below poll so we can gauge the community’s feelings on the current Tuning Orb system.


Summary of current system: to enter an expedition (NW’s equivalent of a dungeon), one member of the group must have and use a specific “tuning orb” for that dungeon (e.g., Dynasty Shipyard Tuning Orb). Up to two tuning orbs are given for each expedition, after which one player from the group will have to craft a new tuning orb per run. As the expeditions get higher level, the materials to craft a tuning orb become rarer and more expensive, with the highest level orb requiring high level stonecutting and items gated behind a 24-hour crafting cooldown (similar to a transmute cooldown from wow).

I am curious to see how players feel about the current tuning orb system and what changes they would or would not like to see made by AGS.

Thanks for responding!


I voted in the poll but I just wanted to add here that the number 1 issue for tuning orbs is that many of the components are not tradeable. Please for the love of god, this is the biggest issue here.


Couldn’t put in an explanation for the “Other” option, but I’d prefer if the tuning orb mechanic remained, but was a little more involved in the story.

Similar to how we make our Azoth staff but perhaps requiring more materials, and then it becomes a permanent item, to either equip or carry, and it grants permanent access to the dungeon but is required by all members to enter.

This would alleviate hoarding of orbs, would ensure that people are progressed to a certain point before entering, and would allow unfettered access. Of course, being that players would then be able to spam it, I’d imagine loot drops would need to be reduced to compensate. Most of it is salvage junk anyway.

I have gotten a lot of feedback on orbs in this post, check it out.

Didn’t take long for that poll to heavily favour the ‘remove orbs’ option!

If orbs granted permanent access I wouldn’t have minded so much but the current end game PvE situation is a massive grind just so you can play the content you really want to do, once. It’s not fun, not engaging and in my opinion makes the expedition totally not worth it. With the current times investment required for Lazarus I probably won’t bother at all…


I would be fine with this as long as the highest level of portals also have a chance of existing in the lower level territories and they reduce the mass spawn of them in those high lvl areas.

If they were tradeable, that means staying in higher level zones would be too profitable.

Yes i am fine with a one key attunement to a dungeon, just like wow, you do the questline once and u have the key forever

I think they should be made bind on equip. Allowing for them to become a consumable to be traded on the AH and as such keeping stonecutting relevant for those who enjoy trade skills.


The biggest problem is watermark of gs. It’s separate for dungeons. You need to play through DOZENS of them to get something good.

All the components from lower level ones can be refined into higher ones so it makes little difference which you do in terms of effort v reward, higher level portals in lower zones can cause grief for low level players, the corruption alone could easily kill them as they are travelling by

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it’s a good thing that they understand the price of death on this game, setting up camp saves so much of your time on death + dieing on here with lvl 60 kit is a crippling money sink!

Just let us trade materials for orbs and remove the Cooldown

I get like 2-4h game time per day I will never get to craft end game orbs and that’s why I wish I could just support friends with materials

Obviously the majority will want to have stuff easier to access, that’s a fair assumption. However, this isn’t a ‘what I want’ issue, it’s a balance issue.

Even with the bugged portals and tuning orb cost requirements, the TP is flooded with BoEs from said expeditions on most servers that have any viable player numbers. If it cost me literally nothing to farm Dungeon X, why would I not spam it and undercut everyone selling the same junk? And why would anyone pay a reasonable price for the equivalent crafted gear versus the ‘race to the bottom’ glut of sales? The market is already tenuous at best, this would kill it.

If tuning orbs were to be nerfed or removed, expedition drops would need to become all BoP. Then, sure, if you want to farm endlessly for your HWM or a particular drop or just for gold/repair parts/azoth, knock yourself out, but it’d be kept separate from the TP. I don’t know if I’d like that, because running with friends and trading them stuff that sucks for me but is an upgrade for them makes getting ‘nothing’ less of a buzz-kill. But there is no way to have both.

Don’t forget that you can only craft one orb a day and it requires more than 50 hours of farming . I hope they are fixing portals to drop more. I love dungeon spamming it’s dumb when u can’t do it .

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120 slivers per lodestone
So 1200 slivers per genesis tuning orb.
What are the devs thinking here.
I get maybe 2-5 slivers from each major portal. So 240-600 major portals for one tuning orb.

Add that if I want to get into Lazarus, that’s another 2400 Slivers. I need to make multiple of these so we can do trial runs in both dungeons. I might even have to make more genesis orbs due to drop rates on the seeds needed for Lazarus orbs. Just what in the heck! Ridiculous expectations for us to just roll over and accept this ludicrous grind task. This is Legendary Armor from Guild Wars 2 level of grindage. I’d rather farm that.

First of all, these polls are useless since only a small fraction of the community will notice it and have a say in it. So this isn’t enough to know what the majority wants.

Secondly. Nothing wrong with the orb crafting system currently, slightly tune down materials maybe… But it really isn’t necessary.
People should stop being lazy, and start gathering the materials they need to craft hem, and get to lv 150 stonecutting so tha they can craft the orbs themselves. And find someone with lv 200 stonecutting who trades them runestone, or just buy it off the market they are so cheap.

The real issues are
-Orbs you craft can’t be sold or traded, some crafting materials that are needed to craft orbs can’t be traded or sold.
Why is this even restricted i have no idea. But lv 200 stonecutters can’t sell materials or the orbs because of it. And lower tier materials anyone could get if they just get to lv 150 which is even easier to reach.
-The chests in the dungeon being bugged. For this reason many ppl don’t bother wasting their keys.
-Many people are still leveling their watermarks… So eventually when more and more ppl catch up, more and more people starts using and crafting those orbs.

I think in the end Tuning Orb’s does more harm then good with whatever life the devs are trying to breathe into the world.
it doesn’t really encourage grouping up with randoms, those group’s already have lots of issues.

if you compare it to WoW’s dungeon cross server, where you sign up, get ported into a dungeon and people just zerg trough it without any social interaction, the group finder at least makes it easier to form a group.

but New worlds orb’s just promotes people to socialize within their own circles, why would people make the effort to craft turning orbs if their don’t have 4 others player dedicated towards it, the game hardly has any pve group content worth doing

Voted for removal.

I just heard that there is a one WEEK cooldown to make an Instrumentality orb, and a cap of 3 Genesis per WEEK. This is ridiculous.

I’ve been playing MMOs since EverQuest in '99 (and yes, I saw similarities to NW even before I knew they shared a game dev). If I recall, without double checking, I’ve played something like 45 MMOs in either release or alpha/beta forms. Never before do I ever recall getting into dungeons this difficult.

Even HERE IN NEW WORLD it wasn’t that difficult early on. Here’s my experience with NW…

From 1-60, during my 7 /played days time, I averaged probably 2-3 expeditions per day. A few times doing more, but basically it could be counted as doing one about every 2-3 played hours.

Post 60, during the following 10 /played days I’ve done NEITHER of the top 2 dungeons. Ever. I was told by people to wait until gs 590+ to do them.

This makes no sense. Why, in my preferred play style, was I able to find groups to do an expedition every 2-3 hours, then that comes to a dead stop once I hit 60? Especially since in the following 10 /played days, probably in great part because all there is are elite areas and i’m solo more than I’m not, I’m still nowhere near that level of gear score.

Maybe I’m unique in that I never play a game for levels or loot. At some point you hit max and then those are no longer driving forces. But having a requirement like this makes no sense. NW is effectively telling me that the way I was playing is now invalid and not only forcing me to do other things I have little to no interest in, but telling me I should not look forward to doing those last two exeditions.

If you don’t want people to farm it, easy, put something like a 2 or even 3 hour lockout. Done. They can’t farm it non-stop. But for people like me who enjoy doing them are not prevented from doing what we consider fun.

I do not consider Outpost Rush or other PvP fun for me. Portals can be fun, but honestly they usually get zerged, and for me zergs aren’t fun.

I don’t get the point of the keys. All it seems to do is prevent me from doing what I consider fun, and pushes me into content I consider not fun. If you (AGS) are worried people will stop playing because they farm a thing and get the good gear too quicky, you are effectively dooming yourself. There MUST be a reason players will want to play besides loot. If loot is all there is, and you put it behind time walls, people will very rapidly lose interest. The game should be fun for a player to do, and they should be able to have that fun doing what they enjoy most.

I’m going to go with don’t remove them, keep them buy make the damn things tradable, remove the mats the require the insane time gates which is the portal requirements

Preferable the game play cycle should go like this

You hit end game and need to farm water mark

You do open world elite PoIs to collect the stuff to make keys
You grind some materials
You produce the key
You use or sell the key

You use the key to get your HWM up by crafting it or buying even more keys to keep running it.

You now create a market where people will be doing these so often they will create gear sets to smash through it.

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Straight up for removing tuning orbs.
But to spare some junior code time, and to play fair game with other opinions…

Make it so Genesis, Lazarus and upcoming dungeon Orbs has a 10% chance to drop from Corrupted Portal Chests Minors, 20 % Chance from Majors, or similiar events.
No need for BoE, No need for Weight, Remove from Stonecutting. Done.

Same principal can apply for upcoming player events that fits the theme for the dungeon, though corrupted portals doesn’t fit the Genesis theme, so they would have to come up for something with that. Nor does it for Lazarus. Yet again here they can spare some development by being lazy, and from the moment of change they could focus on doing new events that fits the upcoming dungeons for the game. My guess is that people would accept that reasoning.