Please rethink linking trade posts - it would kill a lot of market fun and travelling between cities

I’ve read and enjoyed the post in dev’s corner. However, I hope though you will rethink linking all trading posts. I kinda understand the reasoning behind this (some cities are not so popular and ends up being money sinks for companies), but the change would take out an entire layer of “playing the market” game. Now the important aspect is choosing where to sell your goods and you how to take advantage of resources being spread across the world - choose high activity town like Windsward where it is higher probability that you will find buyer for your stuff, but the tradeoff is that prices are sometimes significantly lower than in other towns which makes for very small profit for you. In another town players are willing to pay more for same item (like iron in Weaver’s Fen), but if the prices are too high, they rather sacrifice some azoth and port somewhere else instead. This change would also completely destroy spice market, which takes advantage of distribution of different herbs across the whole map. A lot of my profit is from buying/looting cooking ingredients in zone A and travelling to zone B to post it there to trade. This usually takes me into role of “travelling merchant”, where I for example start in Ebonscale Reach gathering sugar from chests and moving into Brightwood to sell the sugar at premium, which is fun as I get to explore a lot of the world while travelling. Another problem linking trade posts would cause is that people would do less of these travels between the cities, as they wouldn’t be much motivated to move outside their 1 zone they chose. Final and most critical problem this would cause is insanely speeding up the market - with global trade, everyone would be just undercutting everything with race to the bottom - imagine posting iron ore, hitting refresh, and you see that there are already 2 new sell orders undercutting you from completely different zone.

Pleasing the crowd by simplifying (at least to me) well thought-out system and mechanics will not help the game longterm - look at what streamlining did to WoW - most of the time you play without a need to turn on your brain, as you can do everything with one click. Also it the game is not even 2 months old, I think it’s too soon to do such a drastic change into market while things aren’t still balanced out and many ppl are just finishing lvl 60. I honestly am happy with how crafting and market works, I wouldn’t change a thing except for better UI of the trade post.

Simplicity = less different ways to play => you will get bored soon

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Actually nobody does that though. Everybody sells everything in Everfall and Windsward. If what you said would happen in the game, there would be no need for a fix in the first place.


i dont see how the trading posts are linked… all of them are still seperate

Nobody uses other cities anyway. There is no need to visit them because you can max your self without every doing any quests so yeah. I am glad there are other games out today. Sad for new world but it is what it is.

I wouldn’t be sure about that man. I barely sell anything at Windsward, I mostly trade in Mourningdale and Brightwood, sometimes Cutlass Keys and Ebonscale. If it comes to basic mats (like wood), I sell it at mourningdale, and it sells well - 0.10g/piece of aged wood in Brightwood vs (sometimes) 1.6g/piece Mourningdale makes a big diffrence. WW I use to sell rare/epic gear drops that has ok-ish attributes, as in other towns there isn’t just enough buyers interested in it. People who aren’t doing arbitrage are losing coins

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Please help us track this feedback by keeping it all in one place! Here’s an existing one: Linking ALL Trading Houses? Goodbye! Prepare for UBERDEFLATION

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