Please Revert Elemental Attunement Nerf back to 18% 👻

Perk was to strong. It needed nerf.


Thei need to nerf fit to 10 %


It’s better than enchanted, it provides more dmg than enchanted. Even at 10% it will still be better than enchanted because it can proc on skills. Balanced…

They need to nerf it more or let chain proc on abilities

Exactly what Big has said in this thread.

The balancing change is spot on (I have attunement on all my weapons) and closes the gap between attunement and chain with each having their pros and cons. Now you factor in your playstyle and weapon speed etc. before deciding which route to go and neither is miles ahead of the other.

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No all know is to strong need netf to 10% i think 14 still to much

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My first reaction was nerf was too much, but then once I thought about it, it both made sense and seems fair.

Funny how “all” doesn’t include all the people even in this thread saying it’s a reasonable change or the ones saying it was too much. Stop smoking bruv.

You can do the forum warrior role / cry all you want. I’ve shared my opinion. Peace.

no one asked for this because everyone used it, and when everybody uses it, then review is required, maybe elemental chains will shine


So true @Xalyim

I have attunement on all weps because it is by far one of the best 3 perks to have on a weapon.

At 14 percent now I have to think about it a bit more. And this gives more options.

I still would say 12 percent would be a better value to give it. But 14 percent isn’t far off.

14 percent at 1 second, puts it more in line with thwarting, chain, enchanted, vicious and bane.

18 percent was too much.

The game is better when all perks have similar viability, so we don’t have some craft mods that are 2g and some craft mods that are 20000g and in terms of build diversity also.


Imo attunement should be 12% for melee and 8% to ranged weapons


2% mele 20% ranged couse why not?

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I think 12 percent across the board is fine personally. 12 percent for ranged weapons isn’t too OP.

Ideally I’d put thwarting and enchanted at 12 percent also and make the choice a bit fairer across the board.

They should add some other incentive to mutations before nerfing this.

live numbers on attunement are unbalanced and this is why it became a MANDATORY perk for most weapons/builds. Not good. AGS realized it and is testing a reduction, a slight one. They could nerf it to the ground if they wanted to, but no, they are trying a slight adjustment to get a grip on how it goes. If needed, nerf it more.

they are actually taking a good approach on this one. small changes, check how it goes, than adjust it more if need be. I like it.

Hopefully they take this approach to all future buffs/nerfs

I just replied to your suggestion with my own using same arguments means - none.

I dont get it

It looks like you are defending the build you like to play with

Im fighting what i honestly believe what should be everyones battle, which is a balanced game

Ags says Attunement is overtuned and needs adjustments. I agree.

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One argument to leave it is that you’re hard pressed to find an attunement weapon so at least it gives crafters some reason to play the sharty lottery minigame

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well with build diversity specific crafts will always be needed