Please revert previous blunderbuss nerfs

In the ptr you can no long leap into shield bash. While this is a great change it puts the blunderbuss into a really pitiful state. Ig/bb is decent but bb is mostly a off hand. Why wasn’t the initial nerf to bb just to fix the leaping strike bash entire setup of the combo? The same thing happened with ice spike using scream. Spike is now pretty much just a style move and is pretty rng. The nerfs are very much out of order. You can’t make nerfs without out first addressing the root cause of a weapons “opness”. After this change the bb will be borderline unusable just like spike. Only instead of one ability it’s the entire weapon. From now on please look into what you are nerfing other than just “that one shots let’s gut the weapon”. Bb getting the spike treatment. Same mistakes over and over. So out of touch with balancing.

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Tell that to the heavy armor players with 200+ con that get obliterated in 2 seconds by BB…stupid weapon

If anything this is an indirect buff to healers, since bb was the only weapon that could delete healers before they can dodge…balanced

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Where did you get the information that you cant leap into shield bash anymore? I havent seen any information about it in the PTR notes. Did you test it yourself?
If this is the case I dont think we will see that many SnS players in pvp anymore. Less threats for bow and musket players I guess. Will make bowpr more enjoyable.

I’m about to here in a second. (minutes…)

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Let us know :o

don’t worry I will. but not first without uninstalling the game if it’s changed.
I think I was literally the only person using it without a cheese 1 tap mechanic following the shield bash… I was s/s hammer, since preview… it would suck to see the build I use get ruined because they can’t figure out how to fuckin balance the damn game… BB is busted, but S/S set it up… let’s not fix BB and nerf s/s… XD fuck.

Reporting back! so there is a red flag… for me anyways lol

K so it’s true, you can’t leaping strike into a shield bash- before your target is through being staggered (Assuring the bash will land)


The devs are morons… you can weapon swap in that same timeframe of the leaping strikes stagger length- and weapon swap to a weapon that also stuns… ie vault kick… took me 10 fucking seconds to figure that one out…

How come the devs don’t understand what they are doing? lol tf is going on!?
so I’ll call it now- if it doesn’t get fixed… in due time: the s/s meta will require a spear. and it’s dex too so can’t wait to see the cheese that comes from this change XD

I feel like I’ve tried to leaping strike into vault kick before and it’s pretty hit or miss was it consistent for you?

SNS/spear was my baby before the BB came out haha

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damn, that sucks. I’ve never felt that leap into shield bash has been a big issue, its usually the combo that comes after that kills the target. Sucks for SnS mains I guess.

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i remember you with it, you were really good sns/spear by far was your most deadly combo you were much better with it then the sns/bb combo feels like you miss your bb combo way more then you spear combo and you were evil with it lol

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if I wasn’t desyncing always I’d be able to answer that XD but on the PTR I could do it np… only did it like 4 times total tho XD

Looks like instead of using leap +shield bash, I can just leap + armor breaker instead XD

I’m s/s hammer so it effected my combos quite heavily, but I never did the cheesy builds shit where I need a 1tap weapon for an off hand.

I think it’s mostly because I didn’t use the whole blast shot deal haha. Could’ve I guess but I knew that was going away at some point for sure lol.

Thank you though!

Due to sword and shield. Thanks for reading my post though! (Sarcasm)

Nah you can’t leaping strike into vault kick on ptr either. You can’t hit anything after leaping strike anymore

The guy I’ve seen obliterate people was using ig/bb. Whatever mate, to each their own. You’ll see after the update how much of an issue ss was since it got nerfed

Fair enough sorry, I thought you meant people with sns. Would love to know his build

BlunderBuss BEST BUILD ( pvp ) [ Tromblon ] - YouTube

At 0:51 he kills a heavy armor in 3 seconds

Yea but he has like 50 con, they heavy armour guy would also kill him in 2 swipes

Except he doesn’t. You get 50% dmg reduction below half hp, entomb, DODGE and ice shower…

That guy got caught in the ice shower and then literally just stood and waited to die.