Please separate the keybinds for JUMP and TRAVERSE

TRAVERSING is something that is necessary all the time and it is most effective to set it to a key and keep that key pressed while running up to what you want to climb over.

right now in keybinds there is a single option for “JUMP/TRAVERSE” which means every time you want to hold down that key you have to jump. it is very annoying.

please separate jump and traverse as two separate actions so that we may keybind them separately. thanks!

There’s already an “auto-traverse” toggle in the settings. You could try using that?

thank you for the suggestion.

there are many places where it is necessary to choose whether to traverse or not. in many cases, auto traverse will launch you right over a bannister off a cliff. these areas are in the north, great cleave, etc…

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I agree, I feel they need to tweak when it triggers and have it disable itself when you’re against a ledge leading off a cliff edge.

haha. no way. there are lots of places where you want to leap over that rail and off the cliff.

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