Please show us luck totals

As the title states, managing luck is tedious. Im cool with keeping the game hard but make the total luck, by type of luck, visible as a stat. Many report potential luck bugs and its hard to identify if pearls are having a positive or negative impact.


I want all stats… crit chance, crit bonus damage percentage, increased yield percentage, special damage to specific enemies …

Ideally broken into categories from where it comes from (attributes bonuses, perks on gear, trophies, consumables)

Lots of detailed stats I would like to examine and sometimes troubleshoot


Bro wait are you serious ? if you do that you expose yourself to have even more bugs. Im pretty sure some numbers would be glitched, or you’ll find some stats that have nothing to do here, like “distance swimmed”
No joke yes it’s a god idea for all stats

Crit is the biggest one I want to see personally. There’s a ton of different gear perks, weapon skills and attribute bonuses that increase crit chance and crit damage and it’s not really possible to know what your actual crit chance or crit damage multiplier is at a glance.

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Open your own thread please. This thread is specifically asking for Luck stats which I agree should be added to bio screen so we cant tell for sure that we are getting the Luck our gear is saying.

Right now, it doesn’t feel like it to me.

We do not need thread for every specific stat, we need one thread for all stats;)

And I have seen luck threads before, so maybe use them :stuck_out_tongue:


Bump. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that pearls in armor negativity impact luck. I’ve heard the same about the amulet luck (adored mining etc.)

At this point I’d like to hear from a dev to confirm it’s working as intended.

Bump. If there’s a way to do this feature, that would be awesome. There have been bugs where too much luck bumps rare items off of the loot table, and more recently the discussion regarding luck on necklaces (subtracts luck) and the pearl issue (pearls substitute luck, not add to luck on item). Having the total printed somewhere, even in debug command, could help the community spot bugs as well.

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My concern here is not only the fact that is not being shown, but rather that a company like Amazon cannot just put a POST where it is clearly stated that it is not bugged and you can actually stack in an item Luck + a pearl consistently working.

If this was just so clear, why is always the topic just being avoided? Be clear.


To be clear, we need to see what the game recognizes our luck to be, not a simple addition of what’s displayed.

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bump because i was able to say the samw thing

Luck is bugged. Wearing full luck gear with pearls and maxed out trophies give u less drops than dude with 3 minor luck trophy and no pears. :confused:

you think just because the totals are displayed that they would be working?

haw haw haw haw…

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