Please someone look into my ban without context

Here you can see no context provided, I’ve contacted several times via ticket, via live chat, etc, and there’s also been a lot of posts on the forum regarding permabans without context and with little to no explanation, even including posts from people who has not been banned and are just concerned. It’s already been a month since then, I have livechat logs, mails telling me that I should be able to log in… I don’t know what else to do.

Is there nothing that can be done? Could someone please, pretty please, look into it? Thanks in advance. @Abyss @Legumi @Ulver

Character is Corssa Bendopel, from Bengodi

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Hi @Vendo_Opel_Corsa

I’m so sorry for the situation you are having with this ban.

As much as I would like to help you with this ban, Here in the forums, we don’t have any access to the bans or the appeals.

In that cases this can be only handled by the appeal team. Since you said that you was telling that you should be able to log in, but you can’t. You can submit a appeal again in other to the team can verify the situation and confirm if there are any issue about it and fix it.

Here the link to submit the ticket.


Hope this information was of your help and have a nice day. :wolf:

I am aware that CS claims to have no access to appeals (which is probably true), I tried to tag devs but might have failed at doing so.

I have submitted another appeal (maybe the seventh or so?) Thank you for your answer and for your time, though.

I’m just trying everything I can because the appeal system has proven not to work, and some people claim to have gotten unbanned after a forum post.

It’s the same as with the automated ban system and the appeal bot, it’s somewhat hard to believe that a human would write:

“Your [New World] account remains [Permanently Banned]” or “[Offensive Language]”. Also the lack of context on the ban indicates that no one has even bothered to make an annotation on the ban, seems like an irresponsible practice or, most likely, a bot.

If you think you can somehow have someone review my appeal, please help me if you can. This damage control is not keeping customers happy.

Bot response (what an “appeal team”)

I still can’t log in.

We take instances of $reason very seriously…
As a result, your $game account remains $account_status…

I also have live chat logs, and I can provide them, but what this is telling me is that nobody cares about my issue, nor about the issue of the other people who have been banned and are awaiting for resolution in the forums. Live chat doesn’t have access to bans or appeals, forum doesn’t have access to bans or appeals, & ticket system is a bot automatically responding to me. So how can I try and solve my issue, then?

The fact that you can STILL be banned just for a mass report without context by reports of large companies sucks. It sucks even more when the “person” reviewing the case just push a button instead of reading the appeal.

I got banned in the beta by a large company, did an appeal, they declined it and blocked my next appeals. Im not banned yet in the official game since I almost never write in global but if a company targets you more than once its over for your account.

IDC if they say its not automated, clicking a button without reading the appeal is almost the same.

Hello @Vendo_Opel_Corsa.

Thank you for your patience with this situation.

Please let us know if you’re still having this issue. Though I hope you’re not, I’ll be more than happy to help.

Safe travels :mage: :snowflake:

Hi! My issue has been solved; thank you very much!

Hi @Vendo_Opel_Corsa.

I’m happy to hear that!

Do let us know if you have any doubts or issues.

I will close this thread now.

See you in the Aeternum! :mage: :snowflake: